Hitler’s ‘Grandson’ Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Double Murders

Hitler's 'Grandson' Sentenced to 20 Years in Jail for Double Murders

An Australia man who believed he was the grandson of Adolf Hitler was been given 20 years in prison for the stabbing murders of two men and also severely injuring a third during a wild fight in Western Victoria, Australia back in 2011.

Aaron Jamie Ball, age 34, allegedly lethally stabbed his neighbor, Raymond McCombe, age 38, a father of four, along with another individual, Toby Lynch, age 25, while a neighborhood brawl was taking place at his Victorian area home three years ago.

Ball also supposedly wounded a third man, Steven Mark, who ended up suffering serious injuries.

Ball and his entire family have the reputation in the town where they lived, Casterton, as being called crazy and they often have gotten in trouble with the police because they were caught yelling abusive language toward their neighbors and starting fights, Australian authorities reported to the Victorian Supreme Court.

On the night of the murders, it was reported that Ball allegedly drew a knife and ended up stabbing McCombe nearly 35 times right in front of his young daughter and then stabbed him in his genitals while McCombe lay dying on the floor. After this, Ball went after the other two men and knifed both of them.

All three of Ball’s victims were reported to have been unarmed. Ball pleaded guilty of two charges of defensive homicide and recklessly causing serious injury.

Ball had supposedly told his neighbors before the fight that he had a really violent temper. He sent around a letter that he wrote about himself to everyone in the neighborhood. He also allegedly let them all know that he was “the grandson of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun”.

While he was in court, Judge Elizabeth Curtain spoke to him and said that he was in the habit of taunting and chasing children away, which caused disagreements with their parents and also other adults. This ended up making him and his family become known as loonies.

She added that there was no sentence the court could possibly impose which would help stop the suffering and grief the loved ones of Raymond McCombe and Toby Lynch were going through and no sentence the court could execute would bring back their beloved husband, father, boyfriend, son and brother. There was no goodness the court could give to Steven Mark that would restore his health.

Ball’s history of violence is long and he was described by Justice Curtain as a man that was of rather dull intelligence. A mental health employee stated that Ball suffered from schizophrenia and psychosis but Curtain was not swayed in any way.

She stated that Ball showed no signs of remorse over the murders and seemed to lack any insight into what he had done. She blamed that on his mental illnesses but she exclaimed she did not regard those two features as a circumstance of aggravation. She added that Ball continued to have strange ideas, such as being the grandson of Hitler, able to read the minds of other people and stating he had been the subject of many different experimental medical procedures over the years.

Judge Curtain sentenced Ball to 20 years in prison for the murders and declared he would have to serve at least 17 years before he would be eligible for any type of parole. Ball will go to jail probably still believing he is the grandson of Hitler.

By Kimberly Ruble


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