Innocence Lost Regained

innocenceInnocence in America in times past, seemed inevitable that the days of black and white would fade into color and reel to reel would evolve into the Blue Ray DVD. Yesteryear, movies were pretty tame in comparison to today’s films with their graphic violence and soft-core porn love scenes. Where are the days of Matt Dillon and Festus? The Lone Ranger and Tonto? Sadly, they have faded into the shadows of twilight and like the morning mist that graces the landscapes, they can only be revisited in the shadows of our mind. It would seem that the days of innocence are gone and need to be regained.

What would the founding fathers say if they were living today? Gadzooks? What , pray-tell is this form of witchcraft? Not surprisingly, they would be stunned and even horrified at the trash that has been and is currently allowed in our homes that we call entertainment. The 1st Amendment gives a person the right to freedom of speech. However what of those who do not wish to embrace what another is pushing? What then? Is it going to be an all out battle royale with words and actions or quiet submission where no one wins? Hollywood seems to be shoveling out more graphic movies each year than the year prior without fail. While recently, there have been some good wholesome movies that have graced the silver screen such as “Frozen” “Remember the Titans” and so on.

However with this fascination that mankind has with violence, gore, illicit sex, and the like, is it any wonder today’s children messed up in their thinking. For the moment, think about the fictional character James Bond. What message is conveyed in all these movies? Women are easy, and all that is needed to get them to have sex, is be tough, act suave and debonair, kill the bad guy, save the world from utter destruction, and drink a martini, shaken, not stirred. Is that really how women are? Far be it from the truth! Is it any wonder then why society is as messed up as it is? It should not be surprising. What will future society’s have to say about our generation(Baby-Boomers) and the children that were born  into this world regarding the filth that is allowed into the movie theaters and homes? Personal innocence has been lost and needs to be regained.

If they, the future generations, just for the sake of illustration, convened a tribunal council and were going to weigh our good deeds versus our bad deeds and if the bad outweighed the good, decided to wipe the inhabitants of earth off the face of the planet, would they, the inhabitants of earth in good conscience, accept their fate or would they ask for leniency? Do they deserve it? Would the future generations give it? Terrans have come to realize the reason there is so much crime and violence in the world today, is that everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. People are often heard saying, “Just do what is on your heart.” There are people in prison at this moment who did what was on their heart. The notion that we should eat, drink, and be merry, an idea not thought up by Dairy Queen is a fallacy. Oh, by the way, there is one last part to that phrase, For tomorrow we die. Once again, innocence has been lost and needs to be regained.

Christian Contemporary singer Carman, back in 1986, wrote a song called The Soap Song, in which described how the world once was and how it is today in word pictures by using old-time T.V. shows and today’s modern soap operas. The good ol’ days can never return, but we can plant seeds for a better tomorrow. However personal choices have to be made. History will record what is done here and now and will be the judge of what has been done or not done. So as the days of black and white faded into colors, and what has already transpired can not be changed,  purpose therefore, to forge on ahead in the ways God has always desired for people to live and never ever deviate from it, so that the innocence that has been lost can finally been regained.

Opinion by John Thomas

The Soap Song: by Carman.

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