James Franco Says He’s Embarrassed but Women Still Love Him!


James Franco appeared this morning on Live with Kelly and Michael saying he felt awkward about the interview because he is embarrassed about his recent flirtations with a young lady which appeared all over social media. With what he allegedly did with a supposed minor affect people’s thoughts of him? Women apparently still love the Franco.

He said he was still getting used to the idea of how social media works and he needs to watch everything he does now because it may end up online. When Franco walked out on set, he was greeted with hoots and hollers from all of the rowdy women in the crowd. Obviously, the man can do no wrong.

Photos of Franco and a seventeen year old girl visiting from Scotland, named Lucy Clode surfaced on Instagram and then mentions of them together were on twitter as well. The star allegedly reached out to this young fan who is half his age, asking her if she wanted to hook up after they had first met on the street in New York City.

A screen grab of Clode’s alleged text message from Franco, contained a picture of him waving to prove his identity so Clode would know it was not a joke, and he really did want to meet up. He apparently wrote out things like “you are single?,” “what hotel?,” “should I rent a room?”

This is bad news for any celebrity. People can assume this is all true, otherwise Franco would be denying the whole thing. He did not deny anything, but he did not go into details on this morning’s show either, he simply said he was so embarrassed. No one there seemed to care that he was trying to sleep with a minor.

Apparently Clode was just about to turn eighteen which turned off Franco. He had to try hard to prove his identity to Clode who could not believe it was actually him. “You sound so dodgy though” she wrote. Franco then uploaded a picture of himself holding a paper with her written name on it so she would know it was real.

People are asking if this is all just a publicity hoax for Franco’s upcoming movie Palo Alto. In the movie, Franco plays a man who seduces a young woman played by Emma Roberts. Acting like an embarrassed pervert? Not the best idea for a marketing stunt one would think, however women still seem to love the guy. Go figure.

Franco is one gorgeous male celebrity, but if this is all true, it has got to be the dumbest move he could have made. How can anyone not know the impact social media can have with regards to exposing one’s personal life these days? The average person who uses Instagram/Twitter knows this, so how could a celebrity be so clueless?

Kelly Ripa did not seem to take it so seriously, giving Franco a big hug after they shared a little jig before the actor sat down in his chair. Neither did Strahan, giving the guy a man hug and a pat on the back. Perhaps the viewers are the dumb ones. Could it be that marketing has gotten this down low and dirty? Or has it always been this way?

Either way, whether Franco is embarrassed or not, he is still loved by women and they will not stop from going to see him on the big screen just yet. The guy is not only great looking, but he is really talented and funny to boot.

Opinion By Katie Sevigny

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