Jamie Oliver up for Webby Awards [Video]

Jamie OliverChef Jamie Oliver and his food revolution mission, are well-known for fighting obesity in children, and he is nominated this year for three Webby awards. One of his most enlightening pitches was for his “pink slime” call out of McDonald‘s for the use of Ammonia in the processing of their meat. It is actually a practice used through out the US, as Oliver points out, it is even in our grocery store beef. It is inspiring to think that just one man has started the fight and continues to fight for the health and welfare of American children. It was eye-opening as Oliver educated parents and children on how their fast food was made, (below) and even more eye-opening was the fact that the USDA does not require these practices to be documented on the foods packaging, as they say it is a process not an ingredient. The product they were cleaning up with, ammonia, is usually reserved for animals, as it is unsafe for human consumption, and the only reason to use this is greed; the lengths big business will go to so that they can make money, and at what cost.

The Webbies recognize everything good on the internet and Jamie Oliver is nominated for three of these prestigious awards. Voting is taking place right now through May 20, and anyone that fights for the health of our children should be a shoe in to win. Americans have been standing up and taking notice of the differences between the standards set for our food, and the same foods in Europe. If Ireland and the UK can have higher standards for their fast food franchises, why then cannot those standards be applied in the US? Burger King and Taco Bell have already abandoned the use of ammonia in the processing of their meats, and McDonald’s has been slow to follow.

Oliver is up for awards in several area’s, one being his recipe app; one click and everyone can benefit from hundreds of this chef’s healthy living recipe’s. This was downloaded over ten million times, so it is comforting to see the following this pioneer in fighting childhood obesity is getting. He is also nominated for hosting his Food Tube channel, as well as his production company, Fresh One TV. Finally his channel is also nominated for the best DIY, which certainly must be for the amazing content and helpful tips, on his YouTube channel.

The Video below is from the Chef’s debut show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, in 2011 and it shocked American’s into taking a second look at where they are buying their food. Jamie has fought and still fights to keep fast food chains away from schools, and he worked diligently to bring easy, economical and fresh foods to US schools. He did not succeed in every fight, but he has made a definitive difference in how parents look at food. Judging by his awards and current nominations for awards, it looks like Jamie Oliver really will create a food revolution that is deserving of the Webby awards for which he is nominated.

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