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Johnny Depp has made headlines lately for rumors about his girlfriend turned fiancé Amber Heard, and most recently, for wearing a huge diamond ring on his left finger. Many reports have also been speculating that his new fiancé, Heard, is pregnant. But in a new interview, Johnny Depp dismissed the rumors and says he will not be having a shotgun wedding because of a baby.

On March 31, Depp sent reporters into a tizzy because he was photographed in Bejing at the Transcendence premiere wearing more than his usual accessories. Depp’s left hand was sporting a huge ring, which resembled the type of engagement ring a female would typically wear. The ring was a single large stone set in a silver band. Rumors of the couple’s engagement have swirled last January, and this ring only seems to confirm that news.

There were rumors that Depp and Heard became engaged on Christmas Eve in 2013, and they also were photographed at their alleged engagement party. However, the couple has not publicly confirmed it. When asked about the engagement, Depp finally confirmed the news by responding that he was wearing a chick’s ring on his finger and that was probably a good sign it was true. When Depp appeared on the Letterman show, David Letterman cut to the chase and simply stated that Depp was getting married. Depp responded with a yes, and explained that the ring he is currently wearing was too big for Heard, so he wore it instead. Heard is wearing another one.

In another interview, Depp was quick to say he was not having a shotgun wedding because Heard was pregnant. The interviewer asked Depp if he was expecting a baby. Depp told the interview that he was not a savage and there was no truth to the rumor. When asked about his future wife, Depp opened up and said that Heard was a wonderful girl, a true southern belle, and very smart. Depp also added that Heard was very good for him.

Some find the engagement rushed, after Depp’s split with Vanessa Paridis, a French actress who shares two children with Depp. Depp and Paridis were in a relationship for 14 years before splitting in 2012. Depp and Heard met on the set of Rum Diary and began dating shortly after, despite their gap in age. Depp is 50 years old and Heard is only 27 years old. Heard has also made the news herself by saying she does not label herself in any way sexually, and has enjoyed relationships with both men and women. Heard described her role in the film as Depp’s love interest as the best experience of her life.

Depp is making the rounds on talk shows this week promoting his new science fiction film Transcendence. However, most interviewers only want to ask questions about Depp’s personal life. Since Johnny Depp has publicly stated that he will not be having a shotgun wedding with Heard, and that Heard is not pregnant, hopefully he will be able to get back to promoting his movie.

Opinion by Sara Petersen

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