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Perhaps this is not a story quite as titillating as what may be happening with Lindsay Lohan or a certain “semi-nude” Nickelodeon star. Yet, to fans of the 1980’s, an autobiographical look at the life of Jon Cryer is as exciting as a pair of Jordache jeans wrapped in a Cyndi Lauper album – or vice versa. These days, Cryer has become known for his hilarious work on TV’s Two and a Half Men. However, here is a man who’s career spans roughly 30 years and has surely gathered up intriguing anecdotes that will entertain readers. As Jon Cryer prepares to tell his life story in an upcoming book of memoirs, one can only hope he doesn’t hold back.

Jon Cryer, 48, began his film career in 1984 with his onscreen debut opposite Demi Moore in the romantic comedy No Small Affair. No doubt, there are plenty of fans that would love to hear Cryer divulge some info on the relationship the two shared off screen. However, it was Cryer’s appearance in 1986’s Pretty in Pink, written by John Hughes, which etched his name in the Hollywood stars for eternity. He will forever be known as Duckie by fans of the era, playing a love struck, lovable doofus who falls head over heals for the female lead, played by 80’s icon, Molly Ringwald. This may be, perhaps his most defining role, pre-Two and a Half Men. With other cast members in the film, such as Andrew McCarthy, James Spader, and Andrew Dice Clay, fans will hope the stories from that experience are as entertaining as they imagine.

Cryer then went on to star and costar in a string of films within a period of only a few years. Some may forget his appearance as Lenny in 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, playing nephew to Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor. Being on set with giants like Hackman and Christopher Reeve could only have been a dream come true for the young Jon Cryer, a shining moment from his life story that is sure to be shared in his upcoming “tell-all”. That same year, Jon Cryer took on the lead role in a film entitled Hiding Out. Here, Cryer really showed some range as he played a full grown adult (the fake beard is something to see) who hides out as a high school student in order to escape the mob. He shares the screen with Keith Coogan of Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead and Annabeth Gish of Mystic Pizza.

It was in 1991 that Cryer played a vision-challenged naval officer in the Charlie Sheen comedy film Hot Shots! This would foreshadow Cryer’s reunion with Sheen in 2003, when the two embarked on their journey as brothers on CBS hit comedy series Two and a Half Men. Without recounting the details, there was a lot of fodder for the public and media upon Sheen’s last days on the show. So, can fans expect Cryer to dish some dirt on his former costar? Jon Cryer, who has recently signed a deal with publisher New American Library to tell his life story, joked that he will be prattling on about economics, Central Asia, and “stamp-collecting”. Oh, and he did add: “… maybe I’ll talk about Charlie Sheen.” The book is due out in 2015.

Opinion by Josh Taub

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