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Fans of the hit show Mad Men are in love with Don Draper. Fans are obsessed with his good looks, smooth personality, and the fact that he seems to get everything he wants. Jon Hamm, who plays Draper, also has won fans over with his calm poise on the red carpet. Hamm comes across as charming, charismatic, and confidant and fans rarely see him at a disadvantage. However, a new clip of Jon Hamm’s career before Mad Men has been revealed and it’s fabulous.

The clip is from 1990 and it shows Hamm long before he played the stylish Don Draper. Young Hamm was a broke waiter who went on the dating show, The Big Date. Hamm appears with long hair, a messy beige collared shirt, and dress pants. Hamm and the two other male contestants are competing against each other to win a date with the pretty female contestant Mary.

When the host of the show asked Hamm what the perfect date with him is, the answer is nothing Mad Men fans would expect. Instead of selling himself elegantly like Don Draper would, unfashionable Hamm says that the date should start off with fabulous food, then have some fabulous conversation, then maybe a fabulous foot massage. Then whole evening would be total ‘fabulousity,’ he finishes confidently. Whatever fans were expecting about Jon Hamm’s past career role before he landed Mad Men, they couldn’t have expected a fabulous reveal like this.

While female contestant Mary makes her choice, Hamm is visibly nervous, and can be seen fidgeting in the chair. Even though the host, Mark L Waberg, points out to Mary that Hamm is all about being fabulous, Mary still rejects him. When asked why, she reveals that Hamm and the other contestant never looked at her, shook her hand, or said hello. Hamm can then be seen nudging the contestant next to him as if he realized their mistake too.

Perhaps Hamm’s career is mirroring Don Draper more than fans realize. Don Draper started his life as an awkward farm boy, who moves to the big city. Draper worked in various jobs before he schemed his way into advertising. Once there, Draper morphed into the powerhouse and gentleman he always wanted to be. Hamm probably only went on this dating show as a broke actor trying to get his name out there in Hollywood. But through the years, Hamm has also morphed into a smooth leading man in Hollywood, perhaps following the footsteps of Don Draper.

The fabulous reveal of Jon Hamm’s career before he made it on Mad Men as Don Draper is a small treat to fans waiting for the next season to start. However, fans will not have to wait long,  part one of the seventh season will air later this month. The season has been split into two parts, and the ending will air next year. No doubt this clip of Jon Hamm, trying to pick up a woman by saying the word ‘fabulous’ four times to describe a date with him, has Don Draper rolling his eyes in a bar somewhere.

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