Julia Louis Dreyfus Naked on Rolling Stone Cover


Naked and looking good on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, is none other than Julia Louis Dreyfus. Cleverly placed on her back, is the constitution of the United States in black ink, including John Hancock’s signature. Looking deceptively like a tattoo, with Hancock’s signature just above her behind, had just one issue. Hancock did not sign the constitution, he signed the Declaration of Independence. The star took the mistake in stride in her usual comedic way, and acknowledged it by tweeting  “another Mike f*** up, Dummy”. Rolling Stone acknowledges that they wanted the Declaration on her back initially, but it would not fit.

Dreyfus is an actress comedian and producer, and is currently staring in  HBO’s Veep, and is well-known for her work on Seinfeld and the ‘NewDreyfus adventures of Old Christine. Born in New York in 1961, this 53-year-old looks spectacular. She seems to look better every year, as if aging is a benefit and not a set back. She is married to Brad Hall and they live with their two children in Los Angeles. She met her husband while they were both in college, and their love affair has never stopped. So people really can stay married in Hollywood!

She was once chosen by People magazine as ‘One of the most Beautiful People in the World’, and judging by the newest issue of Rolling Stone with the totally naked Dreyfus on the cover, she still could be. Fresh faced, and with what appears to be a makeup-less look could make any 50-year-old jealous.

In 2002 her husband created a show just for her, called Watching Ellie that did not take off like they had hoped. The show lasted just one year. Dreyfus did a lot of improv and stand up in the early days. She played at Chicago’s Second City and the Practical Theater Company which was started by her husband. She was also in the cast of Saturday Night Live back in the 80’s.

One of her most famous roles was as Elaine Benes on Seinfeld, and in fact, this character was not in the pilot, and superstition has kept her from watching that episode. She states that in all these years she has truly never watched it. She went on to star in her own sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine that lasted 5 seasons, and ran from 2006 through 2010. The quirky comedy was based on a couple that divorced and the ex husband remarried a women with the same name as his first wife. Dreyfus playing Old Christine was a delight to audiences, giving them that old Elaine spunk in a new updated character. Seinfeld fans almost certainly followed her to The New Adventures of Old Christine.

These days not only is Dreyfus boldly posing naked on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, she has another hit show, Veep. She revels in portraying the fowl mouthed Selina. This fictional Vice President portrayal is definitely one of her best. The creator and producers of Veep knew they wanted Dreyfus for her comedic genius. Her fans are certainly glad she is back.

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