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Julian Camarena the Next Big Thing in Music?

Julian CamarenaJulian Camarena is a young musician that is starting to amass a following on Twitter and Facebook, and could well be the next big thing in music. With over 550 thousand followers on Twitter, and only a handful of singles out on iTunes, he seems to be making a name for himself on social media, and within the music industry itself. His fans are raving about his new single Surrender and have been tweeting about it non-stop. Camarena is a singer, songwriter and producer from Cave Creek, Arizona, and if looks are any indication, his fan base will include a lot of girls. His fame thus far has gotten him to the point where his followers are asking for t-shirts, and he has obliged them (see below). He has also put out a poster for his newest single, which also seems to be a big hit. Judging by the tweets, it is a toss-up on what fans are most excited about – the new single or the t-shirt.

Julian Camarena

His music seems to span a few genres, from soft ballads like his single, Set You Free, to a more top-40 dance sound like I Don’t Wanna Wait.  He even has a song with a slight Latin flair, which may have come from his family’s roots in Mexico. This young musician is able to play piano exceptionally well, as evidenced in his Set You Free video. He also has a lot of talented fans, judging by his Facebook profile, which shows some of the artwork that has been sent to him – some of it really very good. For a relative newcomer to the music industry, his songs and his videos seem to be professional and engaging, and his followers are flocking to his website and just cannot seem to get enough.

Julian is 22 and grew up in an artistic home, with an artist and a painter for parents. Creativity was instilled in him at a young age. He also has two brothers and currently lives in Arizona. Camarena really knows his way around a music studio, and currently produces his own records. His music and video productions were learned from a producer in Indiana who befriended him while he was attending the university there. Along with the piano, he also plays guitar, and at the age of eight he picked up his first instrument, the saxophone. After finishing college with a degree in business, he turned all of his attention back to his music. That degree could serve him well in his efforts at self-promotion and getting noticed via social media. His first single, released in 2012 and called I Don’t Wanna Wait, was followed closely by the video. Just a few short weeks after its release, he had millions of views and his dedicated fan base had been formed. This could well mean that Julian Camarena will be the next big thing in music. With his fans backing him on social media and the huge outpouring of love for his new single and t-shirt, he has a good start.

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Julian Camarena