Kaley Cuoco Chops Hair for Real This Time

Kaley CuocoKaley Cuoco has chopped of her hair for real this time. It is not quick Miley Cyrus short, but it is much shorter than the Big Bang star is used to. To make it clear that this time is was not a prank at the expense of her fans, she shared a photo of herself getting it done as well as the after shots.

The 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter star took to Instagram the day before April Fools’ Day to share her short hair-do. However, it was not quite real, and just an early prank for those ahead of most of the world. She had pinned up her hair, but definitely had plenty of people fooled at first. The photo even showed a pair of scissors to make people think that she had really done it.

The day after she shared the truth behind the photo, but it did have many complimenting her on the decision. It may have even been a prank to decide whether to opt for the chop or not. Sometimes celebrities want to see how their fans will react to know whether the haircut really will suit them. The star received so many positive remarks that she decided it was time to do something drastic. Cuoco has not chopped of her hair, and for real this time.

The Big Bang Theory actress shared her photo while undergoing the cut with a look of mock terror at the idea. It is certainly a big thing, as much as many will laugh. Many women hide behind their hair and it becomes a part of who they are; they’re identity. Cuoco has always had longer hair, so it would be a shock for her and her fans to take this step.

It seems like this look is the new celebrity rage right now. A few years ago it was all about the pixie cut, with Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence following suit. However, many celebrities are opting for the uneven bob, and Lawrence has even started growing out her pixie cut to match the trend.

The 28-year-old actress was not finished with the cut. She also had some tinting done to keep the blonde look. That suits her, especially for her character of Penny on Big Bang Theory.

Now many will be wondering how the new haircut will be added into the show. Most TV shows make some comments when actresses or actors decided to make a dramatic change. Charmed’s Alyssa Milano constantly made changes to her hair during the eight year run of the show, and there were comments made now and then. During season three, it was mentioned that older sister Prue helped with the blonde makeover at home. In season six, brother-in-law Leo stopped to mention the new pixie cut hairdo, despite everyone being in a rush to save him.

Fans have been extremely positive of the decision to get the cut. It makes sense, since it really does suit the 28-year-old actress. At least this time fans can know that Cuoco’s new hair style is real and not another Instagram prank.

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