Kate Middleton Drinking While Pregnant?

Kate MiddletonRumors are spreading that Kate Middleton is pregnant, but would she really be drinking? The Duchess of Cambridge spoke about how much she missed a good glass of wine during her pregnancy with Prince George and drank some of the local wine during a visit to a vineyard in New Zealand.

The rumors started when Prince William, Duke of Cambridge told a woman who had made his son a shawl that she would need to make another one sometime. At no point did he say soon, but his comment was enough to get tongues wagging. They have not yet confirmed or denied the rumors, making people question further whether he really was dropping a hint that Prince Harry would be pushed further down the line of succession.

Middleton drinking the wine has led to many suggesting that she is not pregnant. However, there have been others saying it proves nothing. One glass of wine is not likely to do any damage to the baby. However, the question is whether someone in such a high-profile position would even dare to have just one glass of wine.

There are still suspicions over whether any alcohol during pregnancy is safe. According to the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, drinking two units a week is considered safe for pregnant women. However, it does recommend that expectant mothers abstain completely, especially during the first 12 weeks. The first three months is when most of the neurological development happens, so is considered the most crucial.

A recent study showed that there were risks from drinking, even in early pregnancy. With health professionals still unable to decide, would it be wise for Middleton to drink while pregnant?

The answer is no. There would be too much backlash from campaigners against drinking during pregnancy considering her position. The royal family already suffer from negative press now and then and there are a large number of people against them, it would not make sense for any of them to add fuel to the fire. She was never once spotted drinking wine while pregnant with Prince George, and no photos were shown from the earlier stages after her pregnancy was announced.

Some people have suggested that the Duchess of Cambridge was actually drinking grape juice. This would be possible, except the boat ride that she later took is enough to dispel the myths.

So many people want to know about the lives of the royal family members that they are willing to look into any slight comments anybody makes. It happened before the birth of Prince George, when someone believed the Duke of Cambridge mentioned the gender of the baby. Everyone was certain he was hinting that they were having a baby girl, and it turned out to be a boy.

The second in line to the throne happened to make a comment about his wife and him thinking about having another child. There is nothing in that comment to suggest that it is happening right now. If Middleton was pregnant, there is no way she would be drinking right now.

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