Kate Middleton Pregnant Again?


Rumors that Kate Middleton might be pregnant again appeared during the royal couple’s 19-day official trip to New Zealand, when Prince William reportedly dropped a hint when thanking Cynthia Read for a wool shawl made for Prince George. The woman commissioned by the New Zealand government to make the gift believes that Prince William’s verbal reaction clearly meant that another baby is on the way, but a trip to the Otago Wines at the Amisfield winery put the rumors to rest. The Duchess of Cambridge seemed slimmer than ever and, although rumors of pregnancy appeared since February, none have proved to be accurate.

According to Prince William’s short conversation with Cynthia Read, who offered the royal couple a wool shawl for eight-month-old Prince George, Kate Middleton might be pregnant again. After placing a rose at the war memorial, Prince Charles’ oldest son told Read that she “might have to make another one soon,” referring to the wool shawl which took four months to create. Read told reporters that she didn’t think Prince William was joking, because the way he said it “was like he was dropping a hint.” However, the prince might have refered to the fact that his son is rapidly growing, so he will need a new one that fits him better. Kate Middleton was congratulated for her clothes and figure and there was no visible baby bump.

The rumors were put to rest during their visit to the Otago Wines at the Amisfield winery, where the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed several glasses of wine, plus a white water jet ride. With this occasion, Kate Middleton proved that she is not pregnant and even told wine-makers that, even if she doesn’t drink too much, she enjoys being able to have a glass of wine again. She also stated that her husband “likes his wine” and then embarked on an adventure that is not recommended for pregnant women. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a jet boat ride through the New Zealand scenery and proved that a pregnancy is out of the question.

During the unveiling of Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait at Government House on April 10, Kate Middleton avoided alcohol, which sparkled rumors that she might be pregnant again. Moreover, an observer stated that, while Prince William was holding a glass of wine, his wife toasted with water.

In its February 24 print edition, Globe magazine stated that the Duchess of Cambridge might be pregnant with a girl so that her husband can convince dying Queen Elizabeth to make him king, instead of his father. The magazine added that the baby girl will be named Diana after William’s mother, but also mentioned that Prince Charles is not willing to give up his throne anymore. As a result, the royal family is reportedly in the middle of a scandal which will end only when the queen decides who will be the next king.

Irrespective of the recent gossip, the royal couple’s trip to New Zealand proved fruitful. Prince William’s verbal reaction when receiving a gift for his son was intensely debated, but during a trip to the Otago Wines at the Amisfield winery, Kate Middleton enjoyed a few glasses of wine, which proved that she is not pregnant again.

By Gabriela Motroc

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