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Katherine Heigl Sues Over Misleading Photograph on Twitter

Katherine Heigl Sues Over Misleading Photograph on Twitter
Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is suing a pharmaceutical company, aka a drugstore, that used a “misleading” photograph of her on Twitter as an advertisement. The paparazzi snap caught the 35 year-old actress and film producer walking down a New York sidewalk carrying two Duane Reade store bags. The company cheekily posted the twitpic shot of Heigl and linked it to a JustJared.com story which intimated that Katherine had been spotted in the drugstore back on March 16 this year.

The Knocked Up star was not amused at the use of this picture and even less amused by the inference that she was promoting the use of said drugstore. The “unauthorized” picture was also posted on Duane Reade’s Facebook page. This dual posting has made Heigl see red and in her lawsuit she claims that the company have “unfairly used her name and likeness.”

Of course Heigl is a celebrity and as such her image is pretty much open to be posted on news sites, Twitter and Facebook, unless she’s at home and her personal space has been infringed upon. It is curious to see that she also claims in her lawsuit that not only is she “highly” successful in TV and films, as both an actor and a producer but they’ve unfairly promoted her image.


Looking on IMDb, the story there does conflict with Katherine’s claims of success. Since biting the hand that fed her by leaving Grey’s Anatomy which was a rerun of her leaving Roswell she’s not been that popular in the box office. She has had short periods of very busy activity, in 2003 she worked on five films, of which four were TV movies. There are very few credits which list her as producer over that time period.

Regardless of the fact that since Katherine Heigl has had more misses than is a misleading photograph on both Twitter and Facebook. However, looking at the lack of recent credits, it begs the question of whether or not “stretching the truth” as a complainant counts as perjury.

Hopefully not, as Heigl can be forgiven for counting her upcoming projects as part of her career arc. 2014 seems to be a deja vu period that mimics 2003 with a staggering four projects listed as either “filming” or post-production/completed. So far she’s only got one project slated for 2015 which is also listed as “filming.”

Katherine could be using the lawsuit as a sort of device to bring more attention to herself, aka personal publicity. Certainly she is in the right when it comes to any business using her image illegally and intimating that she is a regular customer.

Just because she was carrying two Duane Reade shopping bags doesn’t mean that she shops there on a regular basis. It does look as though Katherine Heigl has forced the drugstore to take down the misleading photograph in the offending tweet off of their Twitter feed and their Facebook page. The actress and producer should be happy. It’s not too often that she’s in the news for acting like a stinker versus being in the news for acting in a stinker.

By Michael Smith



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