Katherine Webb AJ McCarrons Reality TV Might Televise Wedding

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Katherine Webb and her future husband, AJ McCarron, are all set to star in an upcoming reality TV series, according to the latest Hollywood insider reports. The 24-year-old was a former Miss Alabama, USA, and Auburn graduate. Rumors also indicate that the reality TV show might televise the couple’s future wedding, however, it is not confirmed yet. Her fiancé, AJ was a University of Alabama’s quarterback, and is now an NFL player. His NFL draft begins on May 8, 2014, only a few months before the actual “I Do’s.” Both are celebrities and hold an enormous fan following. Their upcoming reality TV show will be covering Webb and McCarron’s lives, but coverage of the wedding planning side is not clear yet. According to E! News, the reality TV series will be comparable to E’s Eric and Jessie. The duo is all ready to marry on July 12, 2014, according to the updated reports.

Some sources indicate that the shooting of Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron’s upcoming reality TV series has not begun yet, even though both are set to debut on TV. The time left for their wedding is passing at a rapid speed. Hence, the series might not get materialized that soon, according to the rumors. However, if the filming starts then the duo’s wedding might be televised, according to the reports. The former beauty queen announced her engagement in early April on the social networking site, Twitter and flaunted her sparkling shimmer of joy.

Additionally, insiders report that the Alabama-born sweetheart wants the wedding to be special and an inclusive family affair just like their private engagement that happened among their near and dear ones. However, the event was caught on camera at the charity event which occurred at the Beach Club’s Coast Restaurant. McCarron proposed to the brunette beauty at the restaurant near the Gulf of Mexico. They got engaged on March 29, 2014. Ostensibly, Webb was completely astonished, and clueless, when suddenly out of the blue at the charity, AJ surprised her with the 5 carat sparkler.

The Alabama beauty expressed her enthusiasm and happiness on her twitter account, and said that she “can’t wait for the wedding.” According to her sister, Laurie Webb, the couple received the opportunity to star in a reality series, and they mutually took the decision of availing the chance. Currently, on what network the series will air is unknown, said Laurie.

Laurie might be the maid of honor at the duo’s wedding. The girls’ father said the show will certainly be a wholesome reality series. According to their mother, Leslie Webb, the show has been in discussion since 2013. Producers wanted to capture the duo’s lives on reality TV, but Katherine was not prepared at that time. However, according to the mother, the time is perfect now for both to appear on the reality TV series.

The opportunity seems great, said Laurie, and the celeb’s lives airing on a reality show is a “cool idea” since Webb wants the moments to be precious and exceptionally special. Speculations surrounding the reality show indicate that AJ is not so happy about starring in any show and that Katherine failed to negotiate with him, because he was angry at the media and tweeted, “what Katherine does is entirely her business,” and he only plays the game. However, if the reality TV show does air, Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron’s wedding might be included in the televised events.

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