Kathleen Sebelius Replaced by Sylvia Mathews Burwell


Kathleen Sebelius has stepped down from her position as Health Secretary, and President Barach Obama has assigned former Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Sylvia Mathews Burwell to do the job. Sebelius has seen a tumultuous time as Health Secretary with getting the ball rolling for Obama’s new healthcare plan. A website error originated in her office causing a glitch on the Obama Care website. President Obama, today, thanked her for her dedicated work in getting the problems solved. The program now has 7.5 million applicants that will be offered affordable healthcare provided by the Federal Government. Republican representatives may be using this moment as an opportunity to strike on the many issues they believe the Affordable Care Act poses.

Sebelius has been serving in the position since 2009. She was not forced out of her position, but resigned at her own accord. Speculators believe that Obama and Sebelius believed that her resignation may be the best chance to overhaul the Affordable Care Act, and get it in good favor before midterm elections. Sources have reported that she had spoken with the president, and told him of her decision to see enrollment through, before stepping down.

Burwell is not new to solving crisis like this. In fact, as Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, she was the one who made the call for the government shutdowns last fall. In his announcement of the placement of Burwell, Obama highlighted her skills in finding creative ways to solve everyday governmental problems as well as helping to solve the government shutdowns. Burwell’s past reputation of having impeccable organization skills and being a great navigator of the bureaucracy of the government she works in will be a good fit in replacement of Sebelius’ history in the position.

It is said that it was Burwell’s perserverance and the way she drives herself toward her goals. Denis R. McDonough favored her as a candidate because of her strong management skills, and her ability to implement plans, and delegate tasks. Her job will be to oversee the work of everyone employed for the Health Department, as well as the applications of more applicants. It is important that a candidate is chosen that will be able to handle the many obligations that come with the job. If Burwell has a similar mishap as her predecessor had, she may feel even more heat coming from the republican party.

Burwell may be the only candidate on the list to replace Sebelius, but she is not a shoe in for the position yet. She is certain to feel some heat coming from the republican party at her confirmation hearing. Republicans may use this public event to bash the Affordable Care Act. Hopefully her reputation will be actualized and she prepares proper responses for any questions that may be hurled her way. In the end, it seems that Sylvia Mathews Burwell will be a fitting replacement for Kathleen Sebelius. Burwell, if inducted, may oversee the future of the Affordable Care Act with a clear mind, and bring a refreshing new perspective to the table.

By Joshua Shane


The New York Times


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