Kentucky Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse of Teen Boy Age 15

Kentucky Teacher Charged With Sexual Abuse of Teen Boy Age 15

A Kentucky High School teacher has been arrested and charged with alleged sexual abuse of and the use of a minor under age 16 in a sexual performance. Police investigators say that Elizabeth Alexander, age 26, was taken in custody around noon on Tuesday.

The accusations were reported on Tuesday morning about 8:30 a.m. after officials explain that Alexander supposedly kissed a teen boy, age 15, inside her classroom at the high school and then wanted him to text her photographs of his body, precisely of his penis. Police investigators stated that the teenager did indeed send her the pictures.

However they are declining on saying how they found out about the sexual assault itself or about Alexander due to the investigation being an ongoing one.

Police Captain Robert Swanigan of the Georgetown, Kentucky Police Department declared that he could not talk about case specifics, but he did admit to finding out about the incident on Tuesday and that police took immediate action at that time.

It was also stated that police said they ended up questioning Alexander, who later admitted to having an unsuitable relationship with the teenager.

Captain Swanigan also said that anytime they had such a situation involving the children of Georgetown, they were going to take swift action. Apparently police investigators worked hard on attempting to confirm the accusations.

The arresting citation stated that Alexander was a high school teacher, wife, mother and now an offender who is facing charges of sexual abuse against a minor. She was on the Scott County school website listed as a social studies teacher.

It also stated that Alexander admitted to police that a portion of the affair had occurred inside her classroom. She stated that she and the teen kissed one another and had even groped one another in a sexual way.

Swanigan exclaimed that Alexander was an individual that is someone parents trust their children to go to. This is someone who is supposed to help shape and mold their young lives, somebody who is there to teach them. A person does not expect things such as this to occur. It is very unfortunate that something like this did happen.

Alexander also admitted to the rumor that she had asked the 15-year-old teen to send her photographs of his private areas via texts to her cell phone.

Captain Swanigan added that with things like ‘sexting’, those are just parts of a bigger problem that this generation is facing. It can be disastrous when teens engage in such types of activities, but they need to start understanding that each time they send a picture of themselves out like that, they are basically transmitting child pornography even if it is of themselves and they do not understand.

Even though it is still early in the investigation, police investigators declare that they think this teen was the only one that Alexander had gotten involved with.

Alexander was released from jail on Tuesday afternoon and is due back in court on May 1. When she goes back, she will be facing charges of sexual abuse of and the use of a minor under age 16 in a sexual performance.

By Kimberly Ruble


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