Kevin Durant Wishes it Was Over


Kevin Durant is one of those players that keep surprising his audience with his abilities, understanding of the game and now his words. KD has currently been on a scoring streak only comparable to Michael Jordan, and Oscar Robinson. As of now, he has completely passed MJ by scoring 25 points or more in 41 consecutive games. Instead of Kevin Durant being elated he said he doesn’t really care, and that he wishes it was over. That reaction might shock some but not people who follow Durant.

KD is not that type of guy who makes a big deal over personal accolades, because he is too much of a team player. The consistent scoring average of 32.1 points per game was not made with the intention of setting a record. He has his laser focus on winning a championship. However, when one performs at the level he does every night scoring titles and records are almost inevitable.

On his quest to win a championship, he will undoubtedly be crowned the league’s MVP. It is possible that this scoring streak will nudge him past LeBron James for the title. The question would then be if Durant would wish that away too. With the team at the number two seed in the playoffs, he is ever so close to what matters most. Let’s just hope he does not get stuck in the expectation that comes with surpassing Michael Jordan. Though, Kevin Durant will not admit it there is pressure that comes with being comparable to some of the greats.

Maybe the added pressure that comes with being among the elite three is the very reason Kevin Durant wishes it was over. Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robinson, and Michael Jordan is big shoes to fill. Chamberlain set what seems to be an untouchable scoring streak. He scored 80 games over 25 points consecutively in a single season, and 106 with no single season restriction. Just imagine how much he had to hear about his streak being the first one to do it. However, this was probably nothing new to Wilt The Stilt. After all, he did score 100 points against the Knicks in the same season as the 80 – game streak.

Should Durant wake up and smell the roses, or should he continue on ignoring the hype media hype? He can still be a team player, and appreciate his personal achievements. That does not take away from what he contributes to the Thunder.

As long as Kevin Durant is playing in the NBA he will be compared to the greats, because he is shaping up to be among them. Going toe-to-toe with MJ for scoring stats, and blowing past his peers for the scoring title further solidifies his greatness. Though he does not wish to own it he is a King among Kings. Therefore, the next time someone brings up his 41 game scoring streak he should take another approach. Perhaps instead of his wishing it was over, maybe Durant could challenge his peers to top it. There is not anything wrong with healthy competition, because that is the true nature of sports.

Commentary By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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