Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Marrying This Week?

Kim KardashianSources claim that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are marrying this week, almost a month earlier than the reported Paris date. Just like the couple wanted, this week’s wedding will be a small, intimate affair, presumably with just their families in attendance. However, that has certainly not put off the Paris date.

In fact, there are three separate dates now for the couple to marry! This first one is just a way to make the two French dates easier, and the two French dates are a necessity under French law. The exact details of the two ceremonies after the May 24 date have not been shared, and most likely will not be until the day. The two have been extremely private about the details in an attempt to keep the media away.

Without looking into the legalities, it would seem like the two French dates are just more hype. However, all three ceremonies make perfect sense. According to French law, the couple need to have two different wedding days because the couple wants a religious ceremony. The first one in the country must be a civil service.

The civil ceremony in the United States was recommended by their attorney. It is a way to cut out all the red tape that they would need to cut to marry in France. They would already be legally married, and could simply enjoy their big day. But could Kardashian and West really marry this week?

It is certainly possible, as the two have already arranged their marriage license. This was reportedly in secret to avoid the media finding out about the details. The confidential marriage license also means that the couple does not need to attend the registry office in person, and a court official can do the service in their home. This is the perfect way for the two to keep the real date between them and their family, while just having the people close to them in attendance.

Considering the publicity of the couple, this wedding has seen a lot of confidentiality. It does help that the guests were asked to sign confidentiality agreements just so they could attend their big day—one of the days in Paris, that is!

The French May 24 date is still expected to be the big date for everyone. This is the day that Kardashian plans to change her dress three times, and when everyone who is everyone will be invited to the day. This is the date that will have everything the couple has ever wanted in a wedding, and they certainly have the money to get all that.

The Chateau de Louveciennes, which was commissioned by Louis XIV, is thought to be the location for the French wedding, after the couple was spotted there. However, this is still a speculation. It is highly likely that those who are not guests will not find out until the big day as the two want to prevent the media circus of the 33-year-old’s second marriage to Kris Humphries.

It seems like the three weddings are not just an over-the-top affair after all. The two in France are a necessity if they want their religious ceremony over there, and the one in California makes sense to cut the red tape. Kardashian and West may get married next week, before jetting off to France for the bigger ceremony with their guests.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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