Kremlin Confirms Putin Divorce Is Final


The Kremlin confirmed that the divorce of Russian president Vladimir Putin is final after he separated from wife of almost three decades Lyudmila last summer. The president’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told news agency Itar-TASS Wednesday that the separation is official. The 61-year-old world leader has now entered the small group of divorced powerful people, but both Putin and his ex-wife have decided to split since they hardly saw each other lately. The two daughters of the couple are not in the public eye and few people know how they look like.

The Kremlin confirmed Wednesday that the divorce between the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and his wife of almost 30 years Lyudmila is final. On March 27, the president’s biography stated that he is married, but a few days later, only the two daughters are reminded in his profile, with no sign of a first lady. Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s spokesman told Itar-TASS that “the divorce has completed” and even though the press linked him with Olympic gymnast turned Member of Parliament Alina Kabayeva, the separation went smoothly. Putin is now a free man and, regardless of the speculations with regard to his infidelities, when the presidential couple announced the separation last year, the president’s then-wife stated that the reason of the breakup is that they barely saw each other. According to the president’s ex-wife, their divorce was “civilized” and   happened naturally, since their schedules drove them apart. At the same time, President Vladimir Putin stated the divorces was “a joint decision.”

First Signs

The divorce was just finalized, but the separation between the Russian president and his wife of almost 30 years happened last summer, after attending a ballet performance in Moscow. The choreographed statement was offered to a state television reporter, but Lyudmila vanished from public view long before the announcement.

Putin was listed as “married” last week, but today there is no information with regard to his marital status; only his two daughters who are in their late 20s appear in the biography of the Russian president. Even though the couple chose to remain close, the president’s ex-wife told the press that travelling by plane is difficult for her and he was “completely drowned in work.”

During Sochi Olympics, the press speculated that the Russian president rekindled his secret relationship with his allegedly sweetheart Alina Kabayeva, who was among the final six torchbearers at the opening of the showpiece.

The Kremlin confirmed Wednesday that Putin’s divorce is final, but the news came as a shock since last month, one of the most powerful leaders in the world made headlines by annexing Crimea. He also upset G8 and attracted plenty sanctions, but his personal life never came up. The split intervened after almost 30 years of marriage and no conflict was invoked by any of the parts. The Russian president announced last summer that the couple was not functioning anymore because they barely saw each other and they were even leading different lives. The Kremlin confirmed Wednesday that the divorce of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin is final after he separated from his wife of almost three decades last summer. Now, the official biography of the Russian president mentions only about his two daughters and nothing about a first lady.

By Gabriela Motroc

BBC News
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