Laura Prepon Back on Orange Is the New Black

Laura PreponLaura Prepon got her start on That 70’s Show, but that is not what people remember her for today. Orange Is the New Black (OITNB) is back for its second season on Netflix. Also, she will only be seen in four episodes. This starlet will not be the main focus this season, however the success of Prepon’s character Alex made them decide to keep the former That 70’s Show actress on board. Originally she was only supposed to be on for one season, but her popularity made the show’s creator Jenji Kohan decide to keep her on longer. The ever popular starlet has also stated that if there is a season three she will be back for the full season, although this may be a bit premature since this season does not premier on Netflix until June 6, 2014.

With its cult-like following, fans will most likely see a season three. Catherine Cleary Wolters, who inspired Laura Prepon’s character Alex, has said she and Piper never had sex while in prison. She went on to explain that they literally only spent five weeks in the same prison. It is also said that the show is much more romanticized than real life. The story of Orange Is the New Black is inspired by author Piper Kerman, who on the show has a love triangle with Laura Prepon’s character and Piper’s fiance Larry. Wolters is currently working on her own version of her experience in prison. It is clear that there is no love lost between Kerman and Wolter.

This coming up season will focus on more of the whole cast versus it being just about Piper. Kohan realizes his audience is interested in everyone’s story not just Piper’s. Uzo Aduba, better known as Crazy Eyes, revealed that this season will have the audience binge watching. So there must be a lot of twists and turns, which really should not surprise anyone. The only reason fans will not be seeing their favorite character Alex is because there was a scheduling conflict during the season two filming. Laura Prepon has stated that she is glad to be back on Orange Is the New Black. She loves her character Alex, but when it comes to choosing a favorite character on OITNB she just cannot seem to choose. She loves all of the women that play on this show.

What is especially interesting about this show is it gives you a small glimpse on how the penal system works. It shows just how corrupt the system really is. OITNB really shows the audience exactly what it is really like in the system. On this show the audience is also getting a very versatile cast, which is not very common today. It is nice to see a mix-up of all different diversities and backgrounds. The That 70’s Show star is clearly excited to see season two come to life, as are the fans. Nothing is being said about how Prepon’s relationship with Piper will pan out, but you can be sure now that Alex will be around on Orange Is the New Black, it will be just as toxic as season one. On OITNB the audience will get the finer details of this cast in season two.

Opinion by Heather Tillman


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