Lindsay Lohan Almost Made ‘The Avengers’?


Towards the end of this week’s episode of Lindsay, the Oprah-produced reality show, Lindsay Lohan was seen revealing some news that possibly cannot be verified: The troubled actor claimed she almost made it into the cast of The Avengers. The buzz following the revelation focussed on divining exactly what role she might have been up for.

Lohan is back home in Manhattan and the reality show tracks her “journey” back onto shooting sets. In the episode, she explains to her coach A.J. why she didn’t land the role, squarely dumping blame at the doorstep of her manager. The actress says in between tears that though she wanted a role in Marvel’s The Avengers, her manager was not pushing her case enough. And that apparently was the reason why they cast an “unknown” instead of her.

She also accuses her manager of passing on roles that she was not taking up to others like Vanessa Hudgens on his client list. To finish, she says she was letting her talent go to waste everyday that she wasn’t on a movie set- because that was what she was born for and that is what she lives for.

The part of her story that has left many curious is that The Avengers does not have too many “unknowns” in its cast. Neither does it have too many female roles to begin with. The movie has a total of four female roles and most of them are played by actors who really cannot be dismissed as unknowns, to quote Lohan. At the top of the list are Gwyneth Paltrow, as Pepper Potts, and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. While the stunning Gwyneth Paltrow has already featured in Iron Man films twice, Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to Hollywood nor is she a debutant in the film.

The only actor who debuted in The Avengers is Cobie Smulders, as Maria Hill, who is second in command to Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson). But Smulders can hardly be categorized as unknown, considering she is a cast member in the sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. She was also seen in Safe Heaven back in 2013. But since she is not anywhere near the pedestal occupied by Paltrow or Johansson, Smulders may have been flying too low to be noticeable on Lindsay’s radar.

However, that leaves out only Tina Benko, who played the role of a NASA scientist and the general feeling is that Lindsay was not referring to that role when she claimed she almost made it into The Avengers cast. With that little piece of insight, it can be safely assumed that it was the role of Maria Hill, played by Smulders, that Lindsay was rooting for.

But as the story goes, Lindsay Lohan’s manager was not pushy enough and that is why she only almost made it into the cast of The Avengers. Since wishful thinking is not a crime yet, the lost role could have got Lindsay a passport back to her days of glory and she might have signed a few more high profile castings. The upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier would have been a nice addition to her repertoire.

Opinion by Aruna Iyer



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