Lindsay Lohan: Latest Shocker Miscarriage During Oprah Show

Lindsay Lohan: Latest Shocker Miscarriage During Oprah Show
It would be hard to not feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan even before learning of the latest shocking information about her miscarriage during the last of her Oprah produced show that promised to peel back layers of the actress. The 27 year-old former child star has been up and down so often in her career and life that she resembles a see-saw.

On the last episode of the OWN show Lindsay, the actress explained that as the series was drawing to a close she suffered a miscarriage. Previous to the horrific revelation Lohan had been explaining why she had missed several days of shooting on the Oprah Winfrey docu-series. In the middle of her recounting the days when she couldn’t film, she blurted out the news of her medical trauma.

The Parent Trap star told how the incident left her “immobilized” and that the problem had been “hinted at” in the previous episode. She said that she was sick and mentally distressed. While on the show it was announced that she “wouldn’t come out” while she was practically incapacitated in her room.

On the finale of the season, Lohan explained that watching the show afterward, gave her a different perspective of what was happening on screen. Saying that it all sounded a bit crazy, Lindsay revealed that she felt sorry for the woman on Oprah’s show. This information does not really shock as much as it makes a certain amount of sense. After all, the Machete actress knew about the miscarriage and Lindsay must have felt just as helpless watching herself as she did filming the segment. What a distressing time for the actress.

On the season finale of Lindsay Lohan was in tears as she related the information, while leaving out just who the father might have been, and the Mean Girls star stated that she knew that people loved it when she cried on the show. Lohan went on to say that the addiction could destroy everything that she’s worked for and that it was really scary.

After the tears, Lohan went on to say that she would be working on another film in June this year. Lindsay also said that she was happy and had that old fire back. The Canyons star claims to have learned from this experience and it has improved her work ethic as a result.

At the end of Sunday’s show, Lohan’s mother got onto Twitter to tweet “Oprah call me.” Apparently, Winfrey had been thinking seriously about not taking the Lindsay show into a second season. The ratings for the OWN docu-series had less than 700,000 viewers. Speculation about the tweet was that Winfrey had contacted Lindsay’s mother during the filming of that particular segment.

In March while Lindsay was on The Ellen Show speaking to host Ellen DeGeneres, she said that filming the OWN show was quite scary and different from what she expected. While she admitted that having the cameras around was strange and that she was a little overwhelmed by it all, it was the best thing she could have done. Lohan stated that the Lindsay show was the first time she’d seen her experiences. The news of the actress’s miscarriage on the Sunday finale of the Oprah show on OWN was a shocking end to the documentary style program. Hopefully the experience will prove to be a catharsis that will enable Lindsay to move on and away from her addictive problems.

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