Lindsay Lohan Relapses and No One Is Surprised

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has relapsed and no one is surprised. According to Radar Online, the troubled star was seen drinking a vodka soda while at Coachella earlier this week. It is the same news for the star, as she has been down this path five times already.

The 27-year-old actress recently completed her sixth stint in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. She repeatedly told people that it would stick this time, and swore to Oprah Winfrey during the first official interview after the release from rehab that she was sober. However, just a few weeks later, she admitted to slipping within weeks of being released.

It all seemed to be back on track, as far as the drinking was concerned. She was seen in nightclubs, but not with a drink in her hand. It seemed like the Mean Girl actress was telling the truth when she said that she could hand around people who were drinking without needing a drink herself. But she let everyone down this week when it was confirmed that she was not over her drinking addiction.

Sources close to the former child star have stated that they are not surprised. It has happened that many times now, they were expecting and ready for it to happen. All they can do is be there to try to pick up the pieces once more. It had been a week of negativity surrounding Lohan already, so really no one should be surprised at the fact that she has relapsed.

During this Sunday’s edition of Lindsay, the star’s own reality show, she was seen acting unprofessional during an Elle Indonesia photo shoot. It was so difficult for the crew that some of them started calling her names behind her back. The editor for the magazine had to push the photo shoot back a day because the star’s rep decided three hours after the shoot was supposed to start that she would not be attending. The poor editor had to call her boss to explain the situation, which was not going to be an easy phone call considering it takes two days to fly to America.

She also attended a party late. While this would seem expected to be “fashionably late,” the only reason she was going to the party was because she was paid to do it.

Coachella was not somewhere her family members and friends wanted Lohan to go. There would be too much temptation to return to her partying ways. As usual, the Freaky Friday star ignored advice and went anyway.

There is hope that she will be able to get back on track. Her family does worry that this will be another downward spiral, and will do everything possible to prevent it from happening. Her family knows she will never go back to rehab voluntarily, but hope that there is no reason for a judge to decide she will have to go back. However, no one is surprised, probably even Winfrey, at the fact that Lohan has relapsed once again.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Radar Online

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