Lindsey Lohan Is She Really Sober?


Lindsey Lohan has claimed to be finally honest with the world about her struggles on her new reality show Lindsey, but is she really sober like she claims? Not if you listen to Rosie O’Donnell, who tweeted about the troubled actress and called her show tragic on every level. O’Donnell also said that she hopes Lohan actually does get sober and watches the episodes, so she can see herself as the world sees her.

Lohan’s new reality show is following the troubled actress after her sixth time in rehab. The star insists that this time is different and she is really focused on being honest and accountable for her actions. Lohan also said she knows this is her last chance to be taken seriously and given a shot at her old career again. However, how she is portrayed on the reality show may be harming her and not helping her.

Lohan recently went on David Letterman’s show and talked candidly about what her experience was shooting the reality show for the OWN network. The actress claims that the show is edited to show the most drama possible and create chaos and a spectacle. Lohan also admits to being a producer of the show, but says she does not have much control over the editing. Still, the drama of being late and canceling on shoots, and the excuses Lohan gives seems right on regarding her reputation. Lohan is known for her denial and excuses, and has a long road ahead of her before fans start believing her sincerity again.

O’Donnell is not the only one questioning if the star is still sober. Lindsey Lohan had a falling out with her life coach, A.J. Johnson, who quested if the star was really sober after she heard she had a glass of wine with her mother at dinner. Lohan denies she had a drink, even when Johnson presses her,  saying she found a wine bottle in the apartment the next morning. Lohan still insists she didn’t drink and then refuses to film any more scenes with Johnson, prompting her to leave the show. Lohan’s sober coach also seemed to question her sobriety before he left her and went back to Los Angeles.

The rumors persisted as Lohan was photographed with a bottle of wine while she was in California. Lohan denies drinking and claimed someone just snapped a picture at the right time. However, later, Lohan admitted that she did relapse and drink right after leaving rehab because she was in a new relationship. The actress says she felt guilty, and wanted to come clean. The star insisted she only fell off the wagon that one time.

Reports are now circulating that Lindsey Lohan was spotted drinking at the music festival Coachella, prompting fans to question if she really is being honest about staying sober. The eyewitness claims that Lohan was with friends and the friends were ordering vodka and slipping it to Lohan.  Reports say Lohan appeared out of it and was also chain-smoking cigarettes. Fans who have been supporting the star and hoping she was really changing this time will likely be frustrated with this new information. If Lohan is really committed to staying sober, she needs to be careful about what environment she puts herself in and her choice of friends. Or a seventh time in rehab might be in her future.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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