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Mad Men

Mad Men is will soon be back for its new and final season, season seven, and the cast will be getting a new look. The past six seasons of the show have featured an array of retro costumes that fans and fashion geeks have obsessed over.

Mad Men has taken place mainly so far in the 1960 to 1970 timeframe, during a major change in women’s fashions as social equality, and balancing home lives with work lives was managed. Housewives like Betty Draper, were expected to wear cheerful colors because they were dealing with the home and their children. Women who worked in offices outside the home wore darker colors and more formal attire.

Men usually wore identical formal, dark suits. Men’s silhouettes were cut slim, to accentuate their masculine lines. When a man had a business lunch, like Roger Sterling had, he would usually keep his jacket on to meet clients and only take it off in his private office. As the past seasons of Mad Men show, men started to wear more colors and patterns to the office, and also begin to move away from the slim silhouette.

The final Season of Mad Men will feature many new looks in the workplace. The formality of the working environment will begin to erode quickly. Fans will not see Peggy dressing so formally in hats and gloves anymore. The atmosphere is much more casual, allowing bare arms, more colors, and even short dresses which exposed women’s legs. Meghan Draper really showed this last season in her fashion choices.  Meghan Draper ushered in the fashion changes, appeared extremely groomed, fashion forward, and even wore wigs for her job as an actress.

The final season of Mad Men will air half the new episodes separately. Seven of the episodes will begin in 2014 and the rest will air in 2015. The season will feature more big accounts, such as air travel. It will also show the New York firm and the new office opening up in California. The new season will definitely be moving away from the fast paced New York office, and the slower sunny California life. Don Draper and Meghan ended season six with the decision to move to California. Don may have messed all this up with his indecision about moving and the way he handed the Hersey meeting.

Season six of Mad Men ended with Don Draper being pushed out of his firm, and Peggy is taking over his role. Fans are excited and looking forward to seeing what the final season will bring with the new looks, fashion changes, and finding out what happens to usually invincible Don Draper. Will Don end up in California, happy and with Meghan? What about Betty and the kids back in New York? Fans can’t wait to see what will happen and how the final season will wrap up all the character stories. Mad Men has delivered consistently so far, and hopefully this last season will not disappoint.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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