Manny Pacquiao Should Be Next in Line to Fight Mayweather


Manny Pacquiao

After a two-year rollercoaster ride in which Manny Pacquiao suffered two losses in the most bizarre fashion, the 35-year-old boxer has been on a roll by defeating rising star Brandon Rios and avenging the loss to Timothy Bradley in completely dominating manner. Reclaiming his WBO Welterweight Championship after defeating Bradley, Pacquiao’s camp are ready for their next and possible final challenge… Floyd Mayweather. While the first attempt to arrange the fight failed, it is with high hopes from both Pacquiao and the World Boxing Organization to once again get this fight possible. Manny Pacquiao has defeated all the contenders in the weight class and should be next in line to fight Mayweather, but will the undefeated millionaire even consider facing the politician from the Philippines?

During the first effort of getting the highly anticipated boxing match official, Mayweather’s camp demanded olympic style blood testing, something that was not common practice. Nevada Athletics and the WBO all have drug and performance enhancing tests to make sure fighters are not taking anything against the rules. The blood testing Mayweather was introducing would have had to involve an outside and independent drug testing firm and constant random testing. Manny Pacquiao and his camp would not agree to the additional testings and the fight was called off. Danny Arum and Freddie Roach, two legends of the boxing ring and current promoters, have accused Mayweather of using the testing issue as an excuse to withdraw from the fight. Many fans and supporters of boxing see Mayweather as a coward and someone who wanted to keep his perfect record in tact. While some fans do support the money hungry athlete, many see Floyd as scared and in this sport, reputation is everything. It can be said for his image, Floyd Mayweather needs this fight more than Manny Pacquiao.

While it is true Pacquiao has suffered recent losses that would leave a blemish in an otherwise incredible career, they have not been anything but ordinary. The first Pacquiao and Bradley fight was met with a lot of controversy when the decision and fight was given to the out of breath Bradley. C.J Ross was the judge that had the scorecard which gave Bradley the undeserved win. Ross was fired after a similar incident during the Canelos-Mayweather bout.

The only true loss from the two bouts  was the fight where Pacquiao was met by a knockout blow from Juan Manuel Marquez. During the final seconds of the sixth round, Manny Pacquiao got greedy and went to finish a stunned Marquez, but a thunderous right hand from the fighter was able to knock out Pacquiao. While it is considered a lucky shot by boxing fans and analysts, Pacquiao has still suffered a knock out loss.

Today’s Manny Pacquiao is not the same one as of two years ago and should be ready to be the next in line to fight Floyd Mayweather. With two completely jaw dropping (and breaking) performances, Pacquiao is ready to let the boxing world know he is ready to prove he is the best in the world.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

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