Marijuana Suspected in Denver Murder Case

Marijuana Denver Murder

While on an emergency hotline late Monday night, a Denver woman was allegedly murdered by her husband after she reported to the officials she suspected his behavior to be a result of consuming marijuana edibles. Kristine A. Kirk, 44, was on the phone with a dispatcher for nearly 15 minutes, before she eventually let out a terrible scream that was partnered with a deadening gunshot.

It is reported that while Kristine Kirk told the dispatcher that her husband ate the marijuana-laced items, he was hallucinating and scaring their three young children. She reported that he was ranting uncontrollably about the end of the world and saying he wanted her to shoot him. While she was being held on the line, her husband had gone to the gun safe to fetch his gun. Upon his return, she refused to shoot to him as he pleaded. He then shot his wife in the head while she was still on the phone. It has not been released how many minutes it took police to get there after the fatal gunshot.

When help arrived they discovered the mother dead on the scene from a bullet wound to the head. It has been confirmed the children were present at the scene, three boys, and it is possible they may have been witnesses to the crime. The husband, Richard Kirk, 47, was arrested as the primary suspect for first-degree murder. It has been stated that while, in the backseat of the patrol car, Richard Kirk confessed to wielding the gun and fatally shooting his wife.

Kirk’s father has reported that the family is in shock, especially because his son’s family had shown no signs of distress when he had last seen them in January. Also, he said he was not aware of his son ever abusing drugs, suggesting it is hard to digest that the use of marijuana led to his daughter-in-law’s murder.

Kirk’s first court appearance was this past Wednesday. He wore a gray jail jumpsuit, and it is reported he showed no emotion during his hearing. Kirk is being represented by a public defendant, who has failed to make any comments at this time. The murder suspect is currently being held without bail. Previously, the Denver man was arrested for driving under the influence and careless driving in Douglas County, but there is no previous account of violence or drug abuse.

Whether or not the use of marijuana will be an accomplice in the murder case is yet to be determined, but Denver authorities will continue to investigate. Authorities are also investigating the duration of time it took for police officials to appear at the house and whether dispatchers properly prioritized the victim’s call. When the call initially came in, it was categorized as a domestic disturbance. It has been reported that due to retirements, other departures, and budget cuts, the Denver police force has been subject to a shrinkage in response times in the last few months. As of now, there has been no release of the of the 911 call or the dispatch records.

By Stacy Feder

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