Marijuana Vending Machine Debuts in Colorado

Marijuana is generating some serious business in Colorado, as the latest in recreational marijuana is a vending machine selling pot snacks that has been debuted at a restaurant, Montana’s Smokehouse, in Avon, Colorado. However, the vending machine, dubbed ZaZZZ, will not dispense the snacks to anyone who puts money into it. The makers of the vending machine, a pot distribution company called American Green, said they had ensured to take steps that would prevent the marijuana snacks from “falling into wrong hands.”

The cooled unit – to maintain the “freshness” of the marijuana – is also not like the regular vending machines that dispense Coke, although it may look like one. ZaZZZ is “an automated, age-verifying, climate-controlled marijuana dispensing machine.” Only people with medical marijuana cards or a driver’s license will be able to use the machine for their choice of weed or weed-filled snacks.

Moreover, the machine will also not be placed outside on the streets. The makers of the vending machine have decided to place them inside licensed marijuana dispensaries in all the states that have legalized marijuana for consumer use or medical use, of which Colorado is the first to debut the vending machine. The snacks inside the machine have also been well protected against theft via radio frequency identification chips, which will track all the edible items.

The process to use the machine will be as follows: a customer would need to swipe his or her driver’s license, following which a camera inside the vending machine will compare the biometrics of the customer making a transaction with the those of the license holder’s to make sure they match and it is the same person. Once this has been verified by the vending machine, the customer can pay with a debit or credit card, pick up their choice of snack and walk out.

Greg Honan, owner of a pot dispensary, Herbal Elements, which is one of the first stores to have the vending machine, said businesses that have the vending machine can stop worrying about “theft” and “products disappearing,” as now the products will be safe and protected inside a machine and will not be out in the open. He said people working in such shops will not have to monitor the area selling marijuana as much as before, which will mean less work pressure too.

Meanwhile, Stephen Shearin, the chief operating officer of Tranzbyte, the company that owns the vending machine manufacturer, said the vending machine will help to reduce the customer rush at pot shops and promote quick sales. He also said the manufacturers of the vending machines “paid close attention” to ensure that no one without access can purchase from the machines. He even said that if laws were to change and the vending machines were allowed to be placed outside on the streets, the company would evolve on the security of the vending machines accordingly.

At the same time, investors are also looking forward towards the success of the vending machines. Jerry Skinner, an investor from Massachusetts, said that if the vending machines turn out to be popular, “it could be a big thing… almost like it is a part of history.”

Meanwhile, as soon as the marijuana vending machine debuted in Colorado, Twitter users of the state who saw it, put out a picture of the machine. Needless to say, the picture has already been retweeted several thousand times through various sources. The general response of Twitter users is positive to the introduction of the ZaZZZ, even though some did make sarcastic jokes about it.

By Faryal Najeeb


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