Mean Girls 10th Anniversary: Great Quotes From the Movie

Mean GirlsMean Girls sees its 10th anniversary today, and there are a number of great quotes from the movie. Like many iconic films, there are people still using the quotes on a daily basis, and seeing life mimic art everywhere they go. While a new movie surrounding the four original girls is being talked about, there are no definite plans to bring the whole cast back. However, here are the greatest quotes from Lindsay Lohan and co.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink”

It is so simple, yet so memorable. There is also the image of Amanda Seyfried as she has this look of glee at the thought of wearing her favorite color. When Lohan’s character Cady heard about rule to sit at the “Plastics” table, she turned to the friends she made to find out if they had anything pink. Damien, played by Daniel Franzese, admitted that he did have something she could borrow. According to Franzese, his character stopped him from admitting that he was gay until very recently.

“I mean that’s just like the rules of feminism.”

Gretchen, played by Lacey Chabert, stated this after telling Cady that ex-boyfriends were off limits. There are a lot of misconceptions over the true meaning of feminism, and it certainly seems like this “Plastic” has bought into at least one of them. The look on Cady’s face after the comment is priceless, along with the delivery of the statement.

“Too gay to function”

The line was about Damien, and something that only Lizzy Caplan’s Janis could say about him. This was one line that caused Franzese to avoid coming out until the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls but is still one of the greatest quotes from the movie. It shows how strong friendship can be, but how those words used by the wrong people become mean and hurtful.

“One time she punched me in the face. It was AWESOME!”

One of the girls in the school stated this about Rachel McAdams’ Regina George, the leader of the “Plastics.” While in itself it should not be a great line, it shows just how much people want to be noticed by the popular crowd. There was the comedic value, too, that the whole of Mean Girls was about.

“That is so fetch.”

It was a word Gretchen picked up while in England, and she wanted to make it happen in the school. At one point, Regina is so frustrated that she screams at her “friend” to stop using it, because it is not going to happen. It was a clear sign of the dynamic of the friendship.

“Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die…OK, now everybody take some rubbers.”

The longest quote to share, but one of the funniest, and said by Coach Carr—the man who slept with a number of girls in the “Asian” group. Anything that involved sexual intercourse would lead to death, and abstinence was the only option. Well, it would have been had he not shared the condoms afterwards. One has to wonder just how much the students in his class believed.

A second film has already been made, but was never as popular and never included any of the original cast. A second with the original cast seems unlikely, although Seyfried recently stated that she was up for the idea. However, for now it is worth celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls with some of the greatest quotes from the movie.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham