Mediaeval Dungeon Masters Guide/Porno That Is Game of Thrones [Video]

game of thrones

A new Honest Trailers video has popped up on YouTube made by Screen Junkies. This hilarious parody intros its clip by calling it a “Mediaeval encyclopedia/dungeon masters guide/porno.”

“Honest Trailers” make the funniest parodies of well-known commercials, movies and TV shows. Everything from Sandra Bullock’s latest film Gravity to a GPS commercial starring Morgan Freeman. Now they have come out with one for Game of Thrones which was apparently in high demand from fans who posted relentlessly through social media that the company should make one for it next.

Screen Junkies uploads one new funny video every other Tuesday which can be seen on their YouTube channel. The company has a serious following with over 1.6 million subscribers, and numbers keep rising. Apparently, people love to see their favorite movie stars and TV actors be the butt of a good joke.

Some of the great lines from the mediaeval dungeon masters guide video are “It’s the abusive show you keep watching no matter how many times it hurts you” and “watch as everyone fights to sit on the world’s most uncomfortable chair.” The video also makes fun of Game of Thrones calling it a porno because everyone knows how naked it can get.

The gag clip features topless women with black rectangles strategically placed over their breasts. The commentator says “Not that I’m complaining, booobs!” while the sound of an annoyingly exaggerated orchestra climaxes its way to a finale the background.

The last season of Game of Thrones ended rather shockingly which fans should be expecting to happen all of the time by now. In what other show do the main characters continuously get killed off? The next season promises to be even more scandalous, even more disgusting and people cannot wait. Who will get killed off this time? Who will reign supreme?

The best line by far from the clip: “Watch as these heroes struggle to end the reign of King Justin Bieber.” They are referring of course to King Joffrey (Joffrey Baratheon) played by actor Jack Gleeson. The video also makes fun of the fact that there are so many actors in the series, it makes it impossible to remember all of their names.

Men and women have both become obsessed with the show. It has a huge following not seen before for any series. “Game of Thrones, it’s kind of like a history test, but with Dragons and boobs” they say.

Game of Thrones is by far the most addictive and exciting HBO series. Do parents know their young boys are watching this “dungeon style porno” TV show? Everyone is super excited about the new episodes. The creator masters his own take on the book come to life,  through what is like a mediaeval soap opera for adults. “So begin the epic journey so long and complicated, we really hope the creator does not eat himself to death before he’s finished writing it” the video commenter says. Honest Trailers proves to be a fans funniest guide to explaining the show so far.

Opinion By Katie Sevigny


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