MH370 Disappearance Still a Mystery to Be Solved


MH370’s disappearance is still a mystery to be solved and sadly, as there have been no survivors, we might never know the truth. Conspiracy theorists have probably run the gambit from UFO abductions, to a new Devil’s Triangle, to one of the pilots wanting to commit suicide, as well as a terrorist wanting to  let their voice be heard by hijacking the plane. Yet, if that is the case, why has not a video tape of one of the crew or passengers letting the world know what radical group they were apart of, and why they chose to take 239 innocent people with them in their demise, instead of dying alone? Why bring all this tragedy and mystery to hundreds of families when only one need be involved? This travesty, which the world is hopeful will be solved. At least to find the airplane, whether or not it is to be raise or left as a memorial to those who died.

So what could have happened to MH370? One speculation was that there was not enough fuel on board. If that is the case, the fault lies with the captain and co-pilot. It is their responsibility to make sure there was enough fuel before take off and if there was a shortage, advise maintenance to have it taken care of. Another possibility was that MH 370 had engine failure. There again, if there was an issue, the captain or co-pilot should have radioed for help and flown to the closest piece of land they could find and land the plane in the water, if possible.

There could have been an issue with the instruments. It is possible they got the plane going in the wrong direction and thought they were going on the proper course, and by the time they realized their delemia, it was too late. A sensationalist idea would be that they came across another “Bermuda Triangle” and was swallowed up leaving, no signs of debris, no survivors, nothing. One mystery remains; the transponder shut off immediately after takeoff  which is highly irregular. Was it done intentionally, because acrew member had a dark secret they wanted to unleash? Was it done unintentionally, so that the crew could make minor tests on the electrical components, and then was simply forgotten to be switched on again? Since it disappeared so quickly from the radar screen, it could have just been blow apart by a terrorists bomb. The evidence is lacking, and so the mystery of MH 370’s disappearance still goes unanswered.

So many questions, and far to little answers for this mystery to be solved. Maybe, if the black box is found, what conversations were recorded will reveal what really happened, and bring closure to those families that lost loved ones. It is the not knowing that keeps people up at night, pacing the floor back and forth, looking out the window in hopes they will see their loved one walking up the steps and into their arms, breathing a sigh of relief that it was only a nightmare. In his song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” Gordon Lightfoot asks if anyone knows where God’s love disappears to when minutes turn to hours. Many of the people of the world are down on their knees in prayer for the families who lost loved ones on flight MH370, praying for a miracle, praying for answers, wanting closure. May these prayers be answered soon.

By John Thomas

US News
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Gordon Lightfoot

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