Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats Game 2


Miami Heat vs. Charlotte Bobcats Game 2

The Heat versus Bobcats Game 2 started off similar to game 1. The Bobcats got a quick lead to start the opening minutes. However, the difference in this game lies in the fact that they could not retain the lead. There were numerous turnovers on both ends of the floor, but was attributed to good defense. Defense is what kept the Bobcats close. There were contributions from Al Jefferson, but Kemba Walker was missing in action. Without the initial help on offense the Bobcats struggled. Consequently, Miami got hot very quickly going on a 10-0 run to put the Heat up 10 points. At the end of the first quarter, it was 29 -10. This game was far from over, but the Bobcats had a lot of work to be done. Jefferson departed early in the first quarter to get taped up, and the scoring percentage reflected that. However, the team did pull together and reduced their turnovers and applied pressure defense. The Heat responded back with a surprising performance from Chris Bosh, and the consistency of LeBron James as a facilitator and scorer. This was a well-fought game on both ends that came down to the wire. At the end of the game the Bobcats made too many mental errors, and squandered their chances of winning. The Heat beat the Bobcats 101 – 97. The series is headed to the Bobcats arena and they are down two games.

Key Players For The Bobcats:

Al Jefferson – Jefferson stepped up in the game contributing 18 points and 13 rebounds. He was performing in pain the whole time so his movement was limited. Nevertheless, Jefferson could still post up, and box out occasionally to get shots off. Overall, he was not playing at 100 percent. Jefferson stated the doctor said there was nothing more he could do to further injure himself. So he will continue to play. The Bobcats will need him on the court for his dominance, and to draw the double and space the floor.

Michael Kidd- Gilchrist – Kidd- Gilchrist was the high scorer in this game he came out and picked up the slack. He scored 22 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Kidd- Gilchrist is a vital part of this team, because of his quickness and efficiency in the clutch. Although, Kemba Walker took the big shots late in the 4th quarter Kidd- Gilchrist made plays to keep them close in the 4th.

Key Players For The Heat:

LeBron James – James is the overall leader of the Heat team and he always needs to be offensively involved. Tonight he had a stand out performance with 32 points, 4 steal, 8 assist, and 6 rebounds. He actually led the team in every category on the stat sheet. He was exercising his ability to play the point by facilitating the ball with great accuracy. He actually stopped a 12-0 Bobcats run in the third quarter to restore control of the game.

Chris Bosh – Bosh was a breakout star in the game, as his three ball was dropping all night. He had scoring spurts when he would hit consecutive three’s. However, he did not limit his game to beyond the arc he played some inside ball too. Bosh put up 20 points, 2 blocks, 5 rebounds, and he averaged 4-5 from the perimeter.

Key Factors:

Bobcats did not get out and play pressure defense to begin the game. That is apart of the reason the game got away from them early.

The Bobcats best player, Al Jefferson, was playing below 100 percent due to his injury.

Embed Walker was absent in the first quarter, and found it hard to get in a rhythm.

The Bobcats turned the ball over 13 times, and one point turned it over three times in under a minute.

Michael Kidd- Gilchrist stepped up and contributed on offense and defense consistently.

Kemba Walker got other players involved when he was struggling to score.

Al Jefferson was still putting up decent numbers even though he is injured.

The Heat had 17 turnovers; they must pay close attention to detail.

The 19 assist from the entire Heat roster reflects well on their offense, and the must continue to efficiently distribute the ball.

Game 3 will be a dogfight between the two clubs unlike the other two games. Bobcats are fighting for survival being down 0-2 at home. On the other hand, the Heat will be fighting hard to establish an offensive rhythm that will carry them throughout the playoffs. The Bobcats will come out of the gate and pressure the ball, to create mistakes. The Heat will adjust and adapt to their defense. Those adjustments will give them the third win.

The Heat win game three and go up (3-0).

Commentary By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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