Michael Jackson Kids Caught in the Middle of the Battle

Michael Jackson

It seems as if the kids of the King of Pop are once again caught up in the middle of a custody case. Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the two oldest children, Michael Joseph and Paris-Michael, is caught up in the middle of a legal battle for permanent guardianship of all three of the Michael Jackson’s kids. According to Rowe, she fears for their welfare and wants to relocate them to her ranch in Palmdale, California, where she breeds and raises horses.

At the moment, MJ’s kids reside with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, but Rowe is concerned that as an 83-year-old, the grandmother may not be able to provide the children with the care they need. Rowe claims to like Katherine and be on good terms with the grandparent, but she fears she is not as connected with their upbringing as is necessary. When their father passed away in 2009, at the age of 50, Katherine adopted the role of guardian.

First cousin, TJ Jackson, was assigned co-guardianship of the kids in the summer of 2012 when the kids’ current welfare came into question at the time. But since TJ’s guardianship, Rowe is convinced that the children’s good behavior has been deteriorating. Because TJ’s career takes him away from the homestead often, Michael’s other brothers’ poor examples are overly present at the Calabasas mansion and rubbing off on the kids. Rowe has expressed the most concern regarding Jermaine, who she claims is “just plain creepy,” extremely inappropriate, and she wishes to take the children as far away from him as she can. Apparently, Prince is rebellious and has inherited a “filthy mouth” and there is no one to reprimand him. Prince Michael II, otherwise called Blanket, 12, is not Rowe’s biological child, but Rowe feels he is in the most vulnerable spot of them all.

It has also been rumored that Michael Jackson’s siblings were caught up in the middle of their own battle with his kids regarding the entertainer’s estate. At the time, there was footage in which it seemed that Janet was hitting her niece, Paris.

It seems to reason that Rowe would be extra sensitive of the children’s well-being, especially after Paris attempted to take her own life last year. Paris is said to have bonded with Rowe after her father’s death, and even more so after she made the attempt on her own life. Her mother stood by her side through it all and has been deeply involved in her daughter’s recovery. Rowe feels Paris has not made the appropriate improvements after her suicide attempt and would like to be closer and more involved to secure her safety.

The Jackson brothers, Tito, Randy, and Jackie, claim Rowe abandoned her kids for a cash deal after they were born and has not cared for them since. After Rowe gave birth to Michael and Paris, she agreed to give full custody of the children to Michael in exchange for a predetermined sum of money. The brothers have stated that the children are well-loved and taken care of very well, and they claim to be surprised by Rowe’s sudden interest in guardianship. The Jackson family is willing to put up a fight for their kin, because they do not want to tear the grandchildren away from their grandma. They are determined to do anything and everything within their power to keep the kids with them.

However, Rowe is not after any money. She is strictly involving herself, as the mother of Michael Jackson’s kids, in the legal battle, because she loves the children, is genuinely concerned for their well-being, and does not want them growing up in the middle of an unsafe environment.

Opinion by Stacy Feder


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