Miley Cyrus Floyd Aftermath Turmoil

Miley CyrusIn a clear sign that Miley Cyrus has been suffering in the aftermath of her dog Floyd’s death, the signer broke down as she paid tribute to her lost pet in a recent show. Her performance in Boston featured a large-sized inflatable imitation of her pet brought out during her rendition of the song Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. She could not continue singing and was helped offstage by her sister.

Perhaps the tribute to Floyd was not the best idea. Although all involved were hoping to incorporate Floyd into the show as a remembrance and a tribute to the young singer’s companion, seeing a larger than life imitation of him could have been more than the singer was able to handle. Viewing a larger than life-size blow up of him would be difficult even if alone. Poor Miley Cyrus had to look at the remembrance to her pet and try to perform in front of thousands of fans at the same time. Even though she is accustomed to attention, this may have gone too far for her to handle.

On April 1st,  Miley Cyrus announced on twitter her beloved dog had died while she was travelling on tour. The emotions no doubt ran higher for the beleaguered singer because she missed being there for the dog’s passing. Losing a long time pet is difficult for anyone, even celebrities. The responsibilities of tour dates override personal concerns because the show must go on. Ever the trouper, the singer has continued her performances under conditions of personal duress. She is committed to her promoters and legions of fans.

To help Miley with her grief in Floyd’s aftermath, her mom Tish gave her a new puppy named Moonie. While Miley has acknowledged that the new dog will not replace Floyd’s special place in her heart, Ms. Cyrus was touched by her mother’s kind act. The new puppy gift was great timing for lifting Miley’s spirits. Moonie is good medicine for Miley.

Miley’s current tour has run into a geo-political problem which could cause a cancellation of her upcoming show in Finland. Miley is scheduled to play a show in Helsinki at the Hartwell Arena. The snag with the tour date is the U.S. government’s sanctions against Russia prohibit American’s from providing economic resources, which could include a concert, to any listed people with ties to Russia. In this instance, the owners of the concert venue are known to have dealings with President Vladimir Putin and are on the list of prohibited parties. Miley Cyrus is scheduled to appear on June 1st and Justin Timberlake has an upcoming appearance scheduled as well. The concert promoter is holding discussions with U.S. government officials to try to work out a solution which allows the show to proceed.

Miley will no doubt grow to love little Moonie. Miley will also show the Cyrus spirit by soldiering through her inner turmoil to perform her concert dates in the aftermath of Floyd’s death. She is going through a tough time for all the world to see. Most everyone else is allowed to grieve in private.

Opinion by William Costolo



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