Milwaukee Brewers Making Believers of All

Milwaukee BrewersAfter the win in Pittsburgh Saturday, the Milwaukee Brewers have gone 12-5 on the month with a nine game win streak that lasted from the fourth to the thirteenth. No easy feat for any team, the Brewers swept both the Red Sox and the Phillies during the streak. The Milwaukee Brewers are beginning to showcase their skill and make believers of all those who doubted them.

Martin Maldonado, the Brewers catcher, knocked the cover off the ball, literally, in the Pittsburgh game. Knock the cover off the ball is usually just an expression but it was clearly more than that against the Pirates. It never hurts to have a little luck in a game, the incident led to a run, giving them a five to three win on Friday.

Being as superstitious as players can be, this incident probably had each player noticing something that they won’t change until they lose again. It is not beyond a player to keep their same socks on, not wash a jersey or not shave if they forgot to shave that day. Of course that extends to the fans as well. Fans have just as many superstitions as the players, part of what makes the game so great. It gives the fans a connection to the game, team and player.

Milwaukee BrewersThe Milwaukee Brewers are on a roll in the month of April, making all believe in the possibilities for the team. The team bats are impressive with 17 home runs on the season so far, Gomez and Braun are leading the team at five home runs each. Martin Maldonado is leading the way with a .400 batting average and Ramirez leading in hits for the team at 25. Overall the team is working well together and their bats are giving them every opportunity to win.

The Milwaukee Brewers finish up their series with the Pirates on Sunday, hoping to take the game and win the series three to one. The Brewers can propel themselves ahead of the Pirates by seven games, while holding a lead of two games on the Cardinals. They are in the top spot for now, with the Cubs in last place in the central division of the National League.

Milwaukee BrewersThe Brewers will face the Padres, Cubs and Cardinals the remainder of the month, with the Padres and Cubs in Milwaukee and facing off with the Cardinals in St. Louis. San Diego is a 500 team right now and the Cubs are barely over 300 for the season. There are no easy games but it would be expected for the Brewers to take those series. The Cardinals on the other hand are a 600 club and in the same division. They will not just give in to the Brewers; this should be a good series to watch. It could either propel the Brewers into a comfortable lead or possibly allow the Cardinals to take the lead in the division depending where their wins are at in late April.

The two homer day for Braun has given the Brewers confidence in their veteran player. It is clear the Milwaukee Brewer players believe, making all their fans believe as well. It was just a matter of time before they took control and started to play like everyone knew they could. Sunday’s game against the Pirates begins at 12:35 p.m. and should be a great game to watch after an Easter dinner.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Fox Sports

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