Milwaukee Bucks New Ownership May Cause New Management

Milwaukee BucksIt is clear by the season the Milwaukee Bucks have had that it is time to clean house, and that means from top to bottom. The Bucks head coach Larry Drew signed a deal in the off-season for $10 million over the next four years. It may be a loss if they shed themselves of Drew, but the possibility of having another season like this, outweighs any sensibility to save some money. The Milwaukee Bucks will need to start fresh and with new owners, Edens and Lasry, there is a likely chance for a new management team on down.

General Manager John Hammond may or may not have had a say in some of the questionable moves the Bucks made in the last couple seasons, but his responsibility was to make the right moves. He fell somewhat short to say the least. A new hire for his position is not only possible, it is likely. It is not an easy move to make for an owner that has built relationships with the men under him, but that is no longer a problem. Edens and Lasry spent an enormous amount of money to purchase the team, odds are they are not going to feel any obligation or attachment to the staff currently employed. That is not to say they should lose their jobs. Drew is only in his second year with the Milwaukee Bucks but hard decisions need to be made for the greater good of the team. More than likely the team will experience a similar fate as the Kings did, which would mean fans will see an all-around change starting things from scratch.

Milwaukee BucksNow this is not such a bad thing for Bucks fans, even though they may see it different; with change comes hope. Having the first pick in the NBA draft is a powerful position to be in. There are some young players who have yet to show their complete potential, like Larry Sanders, but with some time, good coaching and a team that plays together, his time to shine will come. Brandon Knight has become the general on the floor for the team, with 17.9 points per game, 3.5 on the boards and 4.9 assists. Knight could very well become a star in the NBA with the right team around him. The guess is that with the right coaching staff and upper management, the team could shoot for the sky. Do not think the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks are not thinking the same way.

Milwaukee BucksIt is not the players so much. On paper it is hard to see why the Bucks had such a terrible season so the most sensible conclusion is that they are not being played right or coached right. There is no way to get around it, they just have to face what it is and move forward. The Milwaukee Bucks are a team that has a hopeful future and with the right people in place this will not be much of a transition for the team. With the first pick in the draft, they have all kinds of options that open up to them and the odds are they will use them to their favor.

The fans should find themselves in a hopeful position, knowing there is going to be nothing but possibilities for the Bucks to improve and fulfill those expectations from the beginning of this season. It helps that the new owners will not be afraid to take a chance and make some changes no matter what they are. Whether it means a new management team, new players, or new coaching staff, it can only get better.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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