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Nest Learning Thermostat is now for sale on Google Play Store and, although the product listing appeared briefly, it remains the only one available on both Apple and Google’s’s retail site. Moreover, since the gadget was introduced on Play Store in time for Earth Day, Nest promised to plant a tree for every thermostat sold on April 22. Since the tech giant purchased Nest in January for $3.2 billion, not much information has been offered regarding the latter. However, the company  pointed out that its monthly energy report paints a clear picture of what it wishes to obtain, namely to decrease the carbon footprint.

Nest Learning Thermostat is now available for sale on Google Play Store for $249 and, since yesterday was Earth Day, the company also promised to emphasize its love for the environment by planting a tree for each product sold. Although the enterprise’s other gadget, Nest Protect is temporary unavailable, only the smart thermostat can be bought. The price has not received additional boosts and Google promised to ship the product within one or two business days from the moment of the order. Overall sales of the smart smoke detector have been stopped due to issues with the alarm deactivation feature, which could be reason why this gadget has not been put up for sale on Google Play Store yet.

Nest’s Ambitions

Nest sells the same second-generation version of its Learning Thermostat which has been on sale since 2012, but even though there are no notable improvements as far as the gadget is concerned, the company’s ambitions are yet to be attained. According to a post on Nest’s blog, the energy report of March 2014 showed that Nest thermostat schedules saved over 2,050,000,000 killowatt-hours. Translated into carbon footprint, the numbers equal approximately as much carbon dioxide as 520 million trees can absorb in one year. Moreover, the team at Nest believes that the total energy saved could be as much as the Hoover Dam produces in six months.

Nest Thermostat has been designed to learn its owner’s behaviors over the course of two weeks and begin to adjust the heat and air conditioning when there is no movement around the house or at certain times of the day.

Google’s latest move was to introduce one of Nest’s gadgets on its Play Store and sell it along with tablets, smartphones and other products. However, Nest’s plan includes better results until next year’s Earth Day. In one year, the Thermostat schedules used across the world “can save the energy equal to the annual amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by a forest 50 times the size of Manhattan.” Although for most of the customers, Nest Thermostat “can become carbon neutral in just eight weeks,” some people might experience a lower monthly energy bill and a decrease of the carbon footprint in two weeks.

The thermostat can now be also found in the United Kingdom, but the Nest team believes that once the product goes global, the impact on the carbon dioxide levels will be greater. Nest Learning Thermostat is now for sale on Google Play Store and Nest Protect could join it after its problems with the alarm deactivation feature are solved.

By Gabriela Motroc

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