New Gosnell TV Movie Most Successful Campaign on Indiegogo

gosnellA TV movie being made about the gruesome abortions performed by Kermit Gosnell has now become the most successful campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website that enables individuals to raise funds for various kinds of projects. The team behind the film, Phelim McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney, have raised over $900,000 so far, and the money keeps pouring in. The project is a passion for the couple, as they feel that the grotesque murders committed by Gosnell should have gotten a lot more attention from the media. When one looks back at the coverage provided by major media outlets, it becomes apparent that the story was purposefully avoided.

The producers of the film say they need to raise a total of $2.1 million in order to make the movie. Filmmakers are attributing much of the fundraising success to the participation of Kevin Sorbo and his wife in promoting the project. Sorbo is enjoying a fair amount of success with his recent project, God’s Not Dead, where he plays an atheist philosophy professor. In real life, Sorbo claims to be a Christian, and no doubt his faith played a huge part in persuading him to promote the Gosnell film.

With the astronomical amount of support the film is receiving, it seems that the people of America are sending Hollywood and the political left a pretty potent message. It is time to drop the political bias and start providing the American public with the truth of what is going on in the nation. The whole purpose of journalism is to provide facts, whether the writer or news organization likes or agrees with those facts. The lack of coverage on Gosnell was atrocious, especially when the trial of Jody Arias received almost nonstop attention. Both of these evil individuals deserved to be covered in the news, yet information on Kermit Gosnell was difficult to find. A man ruthlessly kills newborn babies after their birth, stores body parts in his cupboard, and yet no one knows who he is? That is truly offensive.

The reason the media ignores stories like Gosnell’s, and why they probably hate the fact that the Indiegogo campaign for the film is so successful, is because it does not further their leftist political agenda. Leftists are largely supportive of abortion rights, and a story like this getting mass media attention might undermine their efforts to make this barbaric practice common place. If young pregnant girls see the truth of abortion, the real gory details, it might persuade them to keep the baby or seek adoption, again, destroying what pro-abortion advocates are working so hard to accomplish. It would be a tragedy to allow young women to have all the facts presented to them so they could make an informed decision, right?

Abortion is a tough issue for the American people, and many never give it a thought during the day because it makes them uncomfortable. Why is that? If a woman has the right to an abortion, why do people, whether they realize it or not, shove this issue to the recesses of their minds? These are the places reserved for things that shock and horrify. Something that is natural would not have that type of effect on the human mind. The Gosnell TV movie is more than just a successful Indiegogo campaign. It is an attempt to drag America’s dirty, horrifying secrets out into the open so people can no longer bury their head in the sand, but deal with the issue head on, which terrifies those on the left who use abortion as a means to expand government.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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