Newest ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Has Bryan Cranston in Tears [Video]

Godzilla Bryan Cranston

A new extended trailer for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla has been released, and its primary focus seems to portray why Bryan Cranston’s character is always depicted in a tearful rage. The two-and-a-half minute trailer began streaming Friday on the official Facebook page for the film offering unseen footage as well as a perspective into Cranston’s character, scientist Joe Brody. In lieu of previous snippets, audiences have known Brody is somehow inexplicably involved in the Kaiju’s trail of devastation, but it has never been showcased exactly.

Viewers of the previous trailers knew they would be following Cranston and his character along on a journey of discovery. A tagline like, “You’re hiding something out there…and it is going to send us back to the stone age,” adopts a resounding collective “Oooooh” from the viewership. It can be surmised that for one, Brody is being kept in the dark about a really big, terrible, earth-destroying monster, for two, officials do not seem to be offering up the information to the masses either, and for three, Brody is determined to do something about it. One gets the feeling the movie could be called Cranston Vs. Godzilla: A Big Ego, A Bigger Lizard.

The emotional storyline is played out a little more directly in this trailer’s fresh look at Warner Brothers long-awaited remake of the classic horror tale. Presumably, Brody’s wife has been incapacitated in some awful way. Perhaps in a deadly-Godzilla’s-fault way. By the looks of it, she worked at a nuclear power plant that plummets into the earth. There seems no way she could have escaped. In a following clip, Brody is seen tearful, expressing simultaneous grief and regret that he did all he could. Tension can definitely be felt in the air, and Brody seems determined to get some answers.

In any case, such tremendous ill-will could explain a spouse’s formidable and passionate anger, and the newest trailer definitely shows more of a lead in as to why Cranston’s character would deliver the following teary, spit-spewing speech: “You are not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster. You’re LYING. It was not an earthquake. It wasn’t a typhoon….” By the looks of it, the whole Brody clan is seeking some sort of vengeance, and so the movie is told through the sensibilities of their family, all of whom seem to have careers or connections linked to the Kaiju attacks.

Beyond the emotional insights, in this extended trailer, audiences will also get a big and better look at how massive and mean the monsters appear on-screen. With only hazy, pieced apart clips in earlier trailer sequences, the beasts appeared visually distorted. No one could tell just how horrible they were, which helps play into the fear in the eyes of the cast. More than likely, a full reveal will require a fully paid ticket.

If the newest Godzilla trailer does not satiate your curiosity as to why Bryan Cranston is so dramatically tearful, the chance to figure out the whole story will be available in regular and IMAX 3D theaters on May 16. How many think that frown will turn upside down?

Opinion by Stacy Feder


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