Nokia Halts Lumia 2520 Tablet Due to Faulty Chargers

NokiaNokia has halted the sale of its new Lumia 2520 tablet due to faulty chargers. Those who currently have the tablet are being warned to stop using the AC-300 charger right now. There are fears that the fault could lead to electric shocks.

The good news is there are no confirmed incidents yet. The news of the problem is just a safety measure, as the company looks into the reasons and makes some changes. According to the phone and tablet manufacturer, the plug’s cover is coming loose, and it could cause electric shocks if someone accidentally touches the internal components while lugged into a live socket.

Nokia’s Lumia 2520 has not been as popular as the company hoped, and the announcement of 30,000 chargers being affected is a sign that this is the case. The company also states 600 travel chargers bought in the United States could also be an issue. This risk for the regular charger stretches across to Europe, and sales have been halted until the safety issue has been fixed. Those who currently have the device will receive a replacement as soon as possible, and are advised not to use or buy the charger in the meantime.

It is certainly bad news for the company, which made a full announcement on its own blog. There are questions how this issue is only just being spotted. The company announced that it was due to internal quality control, but that should have taken place before the device went on sale. According to Nokia, this is an isolated issue to just these chargers. The AC-300 chargers were created by a third-party rather than the company, which could explain how it has been missed before the tablet has been available for purchase.

Only sales of the Lumia 2520 tablet have been halted due to the faulty chargers, according to Nokia. All other products run off different chargers and are not affected in any way.

This is not the first time a technology company has had to halt or delay a release of a new product. Just recently HP announced that its Chromebook 11 had to be removed from shelves due to faulty chargers. For this company, the chargers were overheating, which would cause other issues including fire risks. The device was only on the market for a month, and the company was alerted to the fault by users complaining. Overheating is usually the issue when it comes to faulty chargers.

Customers have been put in a difficult position. Those who have the Lumia 2520 have no option but to either risk the electric shock by using the charger against the advice from Nokia or risking the tablet’s battery life running down. The unique design means that using a charger designed for a different device is not possible.

The tech giant is extremely sorry for the issue, but believes that this is the best move at the moment. The team is working quickly to get a new charger created. Until then, Nokia has halted sales of its Lumia 2520 tablet due to the faulty charger, and is advising customers not to use their device if they have one.

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