Nokia Oyj Is Soon to be Microsofts

NokiaNokia revealed their first portable handset in 1984. By the 90’s, their 3210 was the phone to have, selling over 100 million of them across the globe. However, after struggling for some time to try to keep up with their smart phone counterparts, such as Samsung and LG, Nokia Oyj is soon to be Microsoft’s, selling on Friday for over $7 billion.  Microsoft is planning on bringing forth a new light for the smart phones, starting by changing the name of the company. A letter was discovered that says upon the closing of the transaction between them, the name of the Nokia corporation/Nokia Oyj is soon to be Microsoft Mobile Oy.

Talk of the sale originated in the fall of last year, but do to some regulatory tax issues in Asia, was delayed until earlier this month when China approved the acquisition. Another issue being the Finnish companies Chennai plant in India, which halted the deal after becoming a central point of two separate tax disputes. It is not included in Fridays purchase and will most likely be operated as a contract manufacturer for Nokia for some time to come, though they are continuing to consider all their options for the time being. One of which is the fact that HTC has shown interest in purchasing the plant if it is up for sale.

There is also question as to whether or not the Nokia and Lumia branding will dissolve. Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, has confirmed the vagueness of the future partnership. Elop spoke to TechRadar last year saying, “What we have to decide is what the brand will be. Because we have not decided what brand will be dominant for smartphones, that’s work that’s still ahead. And of course the way we’ll go through that process is to assess with consumers what they respond most positively to, what conveys the best message and the best hopes of success.”

There are some odd aspects of this deal though. Nokia had recently released the Lumia 520, finally acquiring somewhat of an edge in the smart phone market. Nokia It was becoming increasingly popular in South East Asia, and even began to sell well with AT&T and T-Mobile in North America. The sales were motivated by the phone being a sub-$150 priced smart phone, holding a slight advantage over sub-$200 priced phones such as many HTC, Apple and Samsung phones, raising eyebrows of some technology skeptics.

Regardless the reason, after a struggle lasting a few months with multiple issues hindering it, Nokia Oyj is soon to be Microsoft’s, becoming part of the Microsoft family Friday, but they will not fade away so easily. Losing their smart phone handsets surely seems as if they took a step back.  However, Nokia seems to just be preparing for a whole new face for the company.

The Nokia Smart watch is an item that is said to be an updated version of the Nokia Kinetic prototype, featuring kinetic and morph wearable technology, meaning you can Nokia control it by molding the device, with a squeeze, a bend or even a slight turn of the unit. Aside from the watch, the innovative company is also to have the Morph, describing the technology behind it as nano-scale, even going as far as saying it has the potential to drastically change the world of technologies as we know it, ushering in a new wave of tech. Truly then what remains to be seen is not only how Microsoft will handle its newest team member and how they plan to improve it, but what Nokia has coming for the world.

By Devon Struble

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