Nya Rivera Not Fired From Glee


Earlier this week word had been circulating that Glee star Nya Rivera had been fired from the hit show on Fox. Rivera better known to her fans as Santana Lopez, was allegedly removed from the show due to issues with Lea Michele. It was rumored she was feuding with her co-star and having issues with producers. E Online reported that the star had been written out of the season finale on May 13. Sources close to the show was involved in Rivera’s defense. Nya was not being fired and the fact that she would not be appearing in the finale has nothing to do with Lea Michele.

She has not been banned from the show or receiving letters from the network about her behavior. Rivera is currently on hiatus from the show and has been for a while. Her absence from the show sparked the initial rumor mill. However, her rep has come forward to dispel all the falsehoods being spoken about the actress. Rivera’s rep made a statement saying. “Any reports or rumors circulating that Nya Rivera was let go or got fired from Glee are absolutely untrue End of story.” Ryan Murphy creator of Glee says the door remains open for anyone to return, including Rivera. The fact of the matter is the show expects her to return but they are not sure that she will. The plot line is still in development, so no one’s role in the show has been completely defined yet.

Rivera’s role in this current season has been ever changing as Santana has moved to the Big Apple. Her character is living with Lea Michele’s character Rachel Berry. She has the experience of theater playing Rachel’s understudy. The she tried her hand at a music career. This season Santana is just trying to find herself. In the mist of her journey, somehow she found her old flame Brittany. All of this makes for good television, and is a major part of the show shifting its focus to New York. With the attention focusing on Santana, Rachel, and Kurt it is difficult to believe she would be written out. The reduction of this season from 22 to 20 means that the plot line gets reduced. Everyone cannot be in every episode. She might not be actively on the show every day, but she is always on the sidelines urging Glee fans to tune in.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck have been busy working on the sixth and final season. The upcoming season will be around 44 episodes, which is a big jump from this season. There will be more time for the story to develop along with the characters. This sixth season will not be “New York-centric” it will be different from this current season. There have been talks of a time jump for season six, but like Rivera’s return nothing has been confirmed

Sources close to the show have stated that space in between shooting is a much-needed break. They are convinced it will be best for everyone. That break will surely give everyone the necessary time to decide his or her role in the show if any. An official decision will not take place on the cast until the ends of June. This time in between will serve as time for Rivera to gain perspective of the whole Glee experience. Glee insiders have expressed a desire to remain in working relationship with Rivera despite the rumors. “We love Nya and want only the best for her. Hopefully we can work it out.”


By: Schelett Rickenbacker



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