NYU Hosts Their Fourth Annual CosCafe


New York University wrapped up a fourth CosCafe event lead by the NYU Anime Club this weekend. The event was free admittance as well as free drinks and desserts. Along with live performances and a cosplayed staff, the event seamlessly fit into the New York lifestyle.

The entire event is run by students of the university along with the set-up, entertainment and service. Hosting a dozen or so acts, the students of NYU held nothing back when interacting with the crowd. On top of very entertaining performances, games in which the audience had the chance to win different anime based prizes for very simple games. One included a rock, paper, scissors variant where three different body poses determine the player selection. The crowd played against one of the MC’s and those who continued to win the game were eventually brought on stage in NYU’s Kimmel Center. The first place winner was awarded a set of “One Piece” posters. An other game was a simpler true or false trivia quiz about a wide spectrum of obscure anime references. A stuffed animal was awarded for the winner of the quiz game.

The free prizes were for those who won but all in attendance were treated to their choice of a small desert and drink. The choices offered by the NYU anime club included bubble tea as well as cheesecake. The abundance of bubble tea, the most popular drink, was necessary as the audience was clearly numbering over 100. The pastries went quickly but none seemed to mind having to settle for the other options. The event was not exclusive to NYU students or staff. With free admittance and a public facebook event page, many anime fans from across the city attended of different ages.

Musical performances were in two different categories. Live music from local band Moshi Moshi as well as members of the NYU Anime Club were intertwined with the NYU Breakdancing Club and other members of the Anime Club. Moshi Moshi played signature anthems of famous animes like Sailor Moon and Code Geass. The five piece group received a lot of love for their powerful renditions of these classic anime. An instrumental remake of Nintendo icons Legend of Zelda and Kirby video games allowed for the members to show their talent in their respective instrument. The Breakdancing Club also put on a stellar performance of fancy footwork and power moves most New Yorkers have only seen on subway platform or in the trains themselves. Korean pop dances to groups like f(x) and T-ara gave a change of pace from the dominate Japanese culture at the event but also served as a showcase of the diversity accepted in the Big Apple.

The success of NYU Anime Club’s CosCafe promises to bring another year of fun for the students running the event and attendees. It is unclear if, should the event grow, the annual CosCafe will remain a free event. Keeping an eye out for news on the fifth installment of the club’s CosCafe should prove a worthwhile endeavor as the season of incredible events kicks up in New York City

By Andy Diaz