Oil And Gas Companies: Dracula’s Twin Brother

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The vampires are coming! The vampires are coming! And they are in the form of the oil and gas companies, Dracula’s twin brother, waiting to suck us dry of our hard earned money like Dracula to blood, by raising the price of a gallon of gas just so they can live like “fat cats” while the rest of the regular Joes scrape the bottom of the barrel just to find something to survive on.

Spring is in the air and so it has been said that is the time a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love. That is all well and good, but sadly, it is also the time where gas prices soar and the American people are left with their heads swimming in disbelief that once again the petroleum and gasoline businesses are rising up out of their hypothetical coffins at Midnight ready to pounce on the unsuspecting and sinking their teeth in our well being just so they can continue to be up to their old tricks. The American people are not that gullible and will not for one moment buy into the “Oops . . .I did it Again” mantra that petroleum and gasoline borrowed from Brittney Spears. Every year this is repeated and every year the American people stick their thumbs in their mouths and pull their security blanket close in hopes this reality is something from out of the “Twilight Zone” and as soon as the episode is over, they can switch off the T.V. And life returns to normal.

Are the American people kidding themselves? Certainly not, and definitely not the oil and gas companies. They keep giving the public empty promises and the public takes it in hook, line, and sinker. So who is to blame? The oil and gas companies? Perhaps. They are just doing what every business wants to do: Make money hand over fist and lots of it. Maybe it is the Governments fault? They are the ones voted into office that are supposed to make things right instead of allowing big businesses take the American people for all they are worth. But they are secretly given big dollars under the table in order to look away and let these companies get away with what they want. Are the citizens of the United States to blame? Maybe we are getting closer to the problem and the answer. They are the ones who voted in their elected officials who gave them big promises, but turned out to be nothing but blowhards. What can they do? Vote them out of office for one thing. They can impeach them as well. The most obvious and overlooked option would be to write them their complaints and concerns so that our voice is heard.

What can the American public do about the oil and gas companies? First they should lite the torches and gather the pitchforks. Next, wear generous amounts of garlic around their necks to keep them at bay. It would behoove them to have a hammer and a few wooden stakes to drive through their heart as well. Last but not least before storming the castle, wear a crucifix. Obviously, this can not really be done, but maybe that thought has crossed the American people’s minds. But they can do something that would be just as effective, if not more. Hit them where it hurts the most: their pocket book by boycotting their companies, picketing their companies and writing letters refusing to be taken advantage of any longer! It would seem to make more sense if they lower gas prices which would invite people to travel more thus needing them to refine more oil to make gasoline for the public to buy more instead of sticking their proverbial knife(raising gas prices) in between our shoulder blades until the blade breaks off. But it seems that the petroleum and gasoline companies do not give a rip what the American public feels or thinks.

Banks to this all the time regarding mortgages. They fail to realize or refuse to realize that by not working with the homeowner to lower the payment and extending the life of the loan, they are going to make less money and the possibility of the homeowner can no longer afford the home causing it to go into foreclosure whereby the home goes into a sheriff’s sale, thus losing more money than if they were only willing to be helpful in the beginning. One day the American public will be rid of Dracula’s twin brother, and the petroleum and gas companies will realize this and then it will be the citizens of the United States that will have the last laugh.

By John Thomas


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