PAX East 2014 Highlights and Reveals

PAX East

The Penny Arcade Expo also known as PAX has come and gone this past weekend. Boston hosted and will host the event until 2023 after a deal made in 2012 with the city. The expo hosts a multitude of video game companies and personalities in panels for Q&A sessions and game reveals. PAX East also serves as a showground for cosplayers to show off their creative talents along with their sowing and crafting abilities.

Riot Games’ League of Legends had a great showing of cosplayers and streamers appearing at the huge video game expo. Though the company does not reveal a new addition of the game or a new game altogether, they allowed the public to ask about the inside workings of the company. Also, YouTube personalities including Gregory ‘Sky’ Williams and professional players such as George ‘HotshotGG’ Georgallidis visited PAX East. Cosplayers were rampant across the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Cosplay and League of Legends were not the only things at PAX East. Huge game reveals are also a norm for the event. One of the biggest reveals was a new game for Sid Meyer’s Civilization franchise. Civilization Beyond Earth is based on the architecture of the Civilization Franchise but now expanded to the final frontier. Players will be greeted with a whole new technology tree as well as a different set of victory conditions. Firaxis quickly responded to the argument that the game is somehow related to a previous Sid Meyer’s game, Alpha Centauri which also featured a similar theme.

A new Titanfall DLC was also announced at PAX East to be released in May of this year that will expand the game’s number of maps from 15 to 18. Another game, Blizzard’s Hearthstone, also announced that they will be expanding the game to include an iPad version. This move was positively received by the community as a whole as a card game of such high-caliber seems like a natural choice for mobile platforms. State of Decay also revealed a playable demo of their new DLC “Lifeline”.

Some series saw entire revivals at PAX East including plans to revive the entire rhythm game market. Harmonix was short of announcing new titles in the Rock Band or Dance Central but that the company had the franchises in their sights for future installments. Currently working on  Fantasia: Music Evolved and Chroma , a creative mix of rhythm and first-person shooter games, the Boston-based company plans on tackling the new generation of video game consoles with full force.

The biggest blunder at PAX East stated by IGN was the failure of the main character Sebastian in “The Evil Within”. While the crowd was invested in the events on-screen, Sebastian failed to react to the liking of the players. He seemed oblivious or even comfortable with the terrifying events around him.

The Penny Arcade Expo itself announced an expansion into a new, fourth expo starting next year. Along with PAX East, Prime and Aus, PAX South in San Antonio, Texas will allow for players across the country to interact with the greater gaming community.

By Andy Diaz

PAX East

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