Pennsylvania Cop Walks Streets as Amish Woman in Hopes of Catching Pervert


In an attempt to frighten away a man who had reportedly been flashing Amish children, a male police officer in Pennsylvania dressed up as an Amish woman.  He was given authentic Amish dress by the community, which is located by the Ohio border in Lawrence County.  Another cop, this one female, also went undercover, walking the streets to try and catch the man who targeted Amish children walking home from school.  Once spotted, the pervert would exit his vehicle and begin masturbating in front of them.

Sgt. Chad Adams of Pulaski Township, which is located in Lawrence County 50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a female officer from Wampum dressed as Amish women after the Amish community, who did not want their children to testify in any case resulting from the indecent exposure incidents, lent to the police aprons, bonnets, and dresses in hopes that they would be able to frighten the perpetrator away from their community.  Both officers, clothed in full Amish gear, walked the roads in the small town of New Wilmington in hopes that the predator would expose himself to them. The sting took place in January and February.  During that time, the police department arranged transportation to and from school for the children.

When all was said and done, Adams was never able to gather enough evidence to  formally indict the suspect, but he believes that the suspect is the same man who is currently serving house arrest for exposing himself to children in the neighboring Pennsylvania county of Mercer.  Although the suspect’s car was seen in the vicinity, Adams and his partner were never able to catch him exposing himself.  The descriptions given by the Amish children of the suspect helped them to identify him, but in order to press charges they needed concrete proof.

To further corroborate his theory on who the flasher is, the incidents have ceased, which has enabled The Pulaski Township Police Department to go public with their non-traditional investigatory method by posting a photo of Adams in full Amish regalia sporting a bonnet, cloak and blue dress on its Facebook page, along with the words, “Sometimes being a police officer means going under cover and doing what you have to do to catch the bad guy.”  He also credited the New Wilmington and Neshannock police departments for assisting him in his undercover operation.

Adams at first thought that, due to the conservative beliefs of the Amish, they would not be receptive to his idea of posing undercover as an Amish woman.  He was surprised when the community supported his endeavor 100%.  It appears as though any sin that might be inherent in a man posing as an Amish woman was forgiven when it came to protecting their children from sexual assault.

Part of the reason that Adams has disclosed the investigation is that the suspect is due to finish his house arrest in the near future.  Adams hopes that going public with their undercover operation will scare him or any other possible perverts away from his or any other town in Pennsylvania.

By Jennifer Pfalz

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