Pennsylvania Toddler Killed Returning From Funeral

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There was double heartache in Chester, Pennsylvania on Saturday, April 12, when a toddler was killed by a car just hours after returning from a funeral being held for his father. Authorities say the four year old boy, Carder Brown, was just getting out of his family’s parked gold Dodge Charger near the streets of East 11th and Upland in Chester and starting to run towards his mother when a passing van hit him.

Carder’s great aunt, Denise Brown, had been just up the street when she saw the van hit him. “I held him and told him to just hold on. At that point, I’m pretty sure he might have already been dead,” she said.

Emergency responders took the toddler to Crozer Chester Medical Center, where it was pronounced he had died on arrival from the many injuries he sustained.

The Pennsylvania toddler’s dad, Derrick Brown, was killed just the week before on April 5, when he was returning from working at the barbershop he owned, located in Chester. Authorities say Brown was on his way home when he was struck with bullets which had been intended for a teenaged pedestrian. After getting caught in the crossfire, the barber died from his wounds less than four miles away from the site of his son’s death.

After Derrick Brown passed away, his family set up a webpage dedicated to his memory on a donation website. The goal is set at $5,000 and the amount has reached $2,333 since being put up on April 6, the day of his death.

At the scene, the 42-year old driver of the late-model Ford passenger van, which is registered to a business located in South Jersey, was taken into custody for questioning. Later Saturday, it was mentioned that the man was being fully cooperative with police and questioning and that the authorities are treating the case as a tragic accident. No charges have been filed.

Mayor John Linder has said that Derrick Brown is the sixth victim of a homicide in Chester, Pennsylvania so far this year, and the 14th overall in the county. “This is a very unfortunate set of circumstances for the Brown family,” he stated. “Having to bury a son, a husband and a father. Then having to bury a grandson, a son a week later. This is something no one should ever have to go through.”

As authorities continued to investigate the collision accident scene on the evening of Saturday, Mayor Linder, who is mayor of Chester in Pennsylvania, came to express his condolences to the family of the toddler that was killed returning from his father’s funeral. “Right now, we are wanting to show as much support for the Brown family as we are able to and offer anything we can in order to help them get through this,” Mayor Linder said about the case. “Derrick Brown was the victim of a shooting. They bury him and attend his funeral only today, just a week after his death, and then this happens to his son only a few hours later.”

By Jessica Cooley

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