Personal Trainer Acquitted of Raping Young Girl

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A case that has become the center of attention, due to its connections to TV’s famed Judge Judy Scheindlin, has now apparently been resolved.  All the “hooey” surrounding the trial, as Judge Judy may have put it, seems to stem from a possible instance of flat-out lying.  Alexandru Hossu, is an illegal Romanian immigrant and former personal trainer to Judge Judy’s son and Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy. The 36-year-old was also the boyfriend to the mother of a teenager who had accused him of rape back in 2010. Initial controversy over the handling of the case subsided when Levy’s office, which had shown strong support of Hossu, backed off the case and let the Westchester District Attorney’s Office take over. Not surprising to some of those closely involved with the case, New York personal trainer Hossu has now been acquitted on charges of raping the young girl. Certain notions arose during the trial that hint the teenager may have been dishonest all along.

Hossu had been charged with raping the then 13-year-old girl twice in one night at her home in Brewster, N.Y.  She had claimed that Hossu became enraged with her over a math homework issue. That’s when, according to the teen, Hossu “snapped”, choked her and raped her. However, there was no forensic evidence presented in the case. Therefore the jurors had to go solely by the testimony of the alleged victim. Hossu did not take the stand during the trial. Perhaps, a piece of evidence that may have backfired on the prosecution, was a recorded phone call the young girl made to Hossu wherein she charged him with committing the supposed acts. Although Hossu had no knowledge the call was being recorded, he was overheard vehemently denying the allegations.

As of Monday, the jury had not yet reached a verdict, with a count of 10-2 in favor of acquittal. Then, as the count changed to 11-1, there was the task of convincing the one juror, who believed the teen, that Hossu was actually innocent. After further reviewing evidence that pointed to the man’s guiltlessness, including phone records and dates, a concession was finally made and the New York personal trainer was acquitted of raping the young girl. According to juror Debbie Silmon: “The man is innocent, period… I have no doubt whatsoever. He was 100 percent innocent. I thought she was a little liar. The sniffing, I think, was an act.”

Daniel Mentzer, defense attorney for Alexandru Hossu (and brother-in-law to Adam Levy), claimed that the young girl fabricated the whole story as she may have blamed the man for causing her mother’s fatal drug overdose. Furthermore he charged her with crying rape as a way of avoiding sex with her boyfriend. As the trial commenced, a side circus emerged, as local Putnam County Sheriff accused Adam Levy of unethically interfering in the case. Levy, who did support Hossu’s innocence and even paid for his defense, is now suing Sheriff Smith for $5 million over defamation of character. Even Judge Judy, Levy’s mother has defended the District Attorney, calling him “honorable” and “principled”.  Now, although personal trainer Hossu has been acquitted of raping the young girl, he remains in custody due to his immigration status. Mentzer has added: “Where does this man go to get his reputation back?”

Opinion By Josh Taub

USA Today
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