Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode 8: Confrontation & Resolution

Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode 8 Confrontation Resolution

Private Lives of Nashville Wives Episode 8 Confrontation Resolution
After last week’s episode left a huge divide between Jenny and the rest of the wives, sans Sarah, episode 8 of Private Lives of Nashville Wives consisted of a confrontation and resolution between the ladies and the start of a new beginning. Having said that, it is doubtful whether or not the type A Jennifer will be able to maintain the peace required. Not because she’s too pushy, although that is part of the problem, but being pregnant, those motherly hormones will be all over the place. She’s already exhibited enough prickly behaviour to make the likelihood of a truce lasting very long fairly problematic.

Meanwhile the ladies, again sans Sarah Davidson who has her own career to keep her busy, Betty, Erika and her BFF Cassie all set down to work out a strategy for the former soap star to handle the issue with Jenny. At the war room meeting, some interesting facts emerge about the two twins. Betty reveals that she and Ana don’t always see eye-to-eye and that they have fought pretty harshly. While Cassie is super supportive, as always, the person who really helps the most is Betty.

The married twin points out that Erika will need to confront Jenny, which Cassie supports, and that she needs to be afraid, but, not so afraid that she shuts down. The three decide that the airing out of differences will take place at Cassie’s house, which she says, “will be like Switzerland.”

Ms. Davidson focusses on her upcoming gig at the Bluebird and while talking strategy with her manager/drummer he brings up whether she will feel comfortable singing the song that Dallas helped her write. She points out that her professional life is separate from her personal life. While the split between Sarah and her husband is heartbreaking, this “setback” seems to have given the singer a push in the right direction in her pursuit of a successful career in music.

Jennifer discovers that when it comes to making baby number 2 with JT, once is all that’s needed. After saying that a chicken taco at the airport made her queasy, JT decides that she’s pregnant already. He rushes of to get a pregnancy test. When he returns excitedly with the tester, he makes Jenny take use it immediately. To her amazement the result shows that she’s already in a family way. JT is over the moon and Jennifer feels like everything is happening too fast. Both of them are happy at the very rapid turn of events.

Erika meets up with Nashville talent manager Carrie Nelson Burch to talk about getting back into show business after a 10 year break. Carrie tells the former soap actress that she will need to commit 110 percent and start looking at roles in the Nashville area. Certainly, Burch is not overly enthusiastic. However, she may not realize that Erika is taking the first hesitant steps toward getting back into the life she left behind and now misses so much. Taking care to revitalize her career and balance her passion for acting with the commitment to her family.

In episode 8 of Private Lives of Nashville Wives, before the confrontation and resolution between Jenny, Betty, Ana, Cassie and Erika, Sarah drops by to catch up with Jenny. The singer reveals that she has not spoken to Dallas and she is focusing on the positive direction that her career is going and tuning out the negative events. Sarah performs at The Bluebird Cafe and the place is packed. Her heartfelt song of breaking up, which is obviously about her and Dallas is beautiful and poignant. She reveals that apart from expecting to see Dallas in the audience while she’s singing, this personal setback will not stop her from pursuing what she feels she should be doing.

Before the “face-off” between Erika and Jenny, the former actress talks to her super supportive husband Bryan and true to form, he has no doubt that this is the direction his wife needs to take. By the end of the show, Sarah is confident that she’s doing the right thing; Jenny and Erika sort out their differences and a “flag of truce” is flown; Ana also reveals how terrified she is of never finding her Mr. Right.

The wives of Nashville are working out their private differences and Erika wants to get things sorted out between her and Jenny and explains how freaked out she was at the phrase “TBD” (to be determined) which the business woman used to describe Erika’s state of friendship with her. Jenny reveals that she feels a bit ganged up on, but these ladies do get the air cleared and the confrontation works to a resolution that everyone can live with. As it stands now, they will continue to interact as a group and this is helped by Sarah’s revelation at how much it meant to her that the ladies came to Chicago to watch her perform. These ladies are all strong personalities and their lives are interesting without the scandal, drugs and misbehavior that is a part of so many other reality programs.

By Michael Smith