Rape and How Teaching Ways to Prevent It Is Wrong

RapeA woman or man should not have to be told how to prevent rape because that, in itself, is telling a woman or man what they have done is wrong, and that is considered shaming the victim. In this day and age, no woman should be told how, if she did not dress a certain way, drink alcohol, or went down an unlit street, she would not have been raped. Rape is a very controversial subject and, no matter how someone may feel, many will agree on one fact: rape is wrong. Many believe the only way to prevent rape is in teaching women or men how it is wrong, but there are many ways men and women can be taught the difference between rape and consensual sexual contact.

One preventative measure would be to teach men and women the difference between what is consensual and non-consensual. For example, a woman or man who is passed out from drinking or from a drug cannot give consent to any sexual contact. Also, keep in mind that he or she should be able to say yes. Men need to make absolutely sure this is what the woman wants and vise-versa. Remember this needs to go both ways. Not only should the man ask, but so should the woman. If either party is unsure it is always best to ask. Men should also realize women are more than just sexual objects for their gratification. Realizing they are more than just sex objects helps bring the humanity back into the situation. It may make someone think twice before raping another individual. This is just another way to in teaching men and women it is wrong and to prevent rape itself.

There are woman out there who lie, but the number is not nearly as high as those who never report the rape at all. Two to eight percent are unfounded versus the 54 percent who never report it at all. The rate at which rapists are never found guilty is a whopping 97 percent. With those kinds of numbers, it makes sense why someone would not wish to report it. Woman are not the only ones to suffer through rape: one in thirty-three men have reportedly been raped, though this number is significantly lower than women who have been raped (one in six). In addition, men are less likely to report rape, though the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) estimated that ten percent of rape occurs with men.

Keep in mind that teaching ways to prevent rape is wrong and it should be about how to educate men and woman. While it is true majority of the cases is men causing the rape, it is also true that three percent are committed by women. Many will find this quite surprising, but rape can be in the form of physical strength, and it can also be in the form of emotional blackmail, psychological control, or even while being incapacitated. This is not only the case for women, but men as well. Lastly, if a person sees a rape in progress or knows it is occurring, it should be reported immediately. The main point is that perceptions have to change the way people in this culture view rape of both men and women.

Opinion by Heather Tillman


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